On Capitol Hill, America’s Sexiest Donkey is Confused for a Spouse and/or Intern

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a strong and empowered 28-year-old latix woman who is an official member of the United States Congress.

But everyone on Capitol Hill assumes she is an intern or someone’s wife (many divorced men marry their Mexican maids).

I think even Ocasio herself is having fun with this situation, because she is self-aware enough to understand that she looks like the wife of some poor old boomer who got his maid pregnant and had to marry her.

I mean, using the “believe women” meme in reference to being assumed to be the maid-wife has to be trolling.

But the Jewish media is describing this as racistsexistoppressionism.

Or I don’t know.

Maybe she wasn’t being ironic.

Maybe I just white knight for this bitch because she has promised to wipe Israel off the map.

Maybe I also white knight for her because I have sexual fantasies about her wearing rape-worthy underwear and whispering sweet nothings (without fully opening her donkey mouth) about “Jews stole the land.”

Whatever the case, I’m officially backing her for Speaker of the House against Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy officially does not have the votes.

Someone is going to have to do the job.