On “Being Stuck in the Past”

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2014

I was stuck in the past once.  But I wasn't required to have gay sex to get back to the future.
I was stuck in the past once. But I wasn’t required to have gay sex to get back to the future.

Our opponents often insist that we are “stuck in the past,” i.e., our opinions regarding race, culture, and government are “outdated” and “have no place in modern society.”

Such sentiments were expressed in a recent article written by Al Jazeera America’s Massoud Hayoun titled “Gay marriage makes big gains but attitudes are stuck in the 1960s.”

To briefly sum up the article, Hayoun argues that although homosexuals possess marriage rights in 35 states and Washington D.C. and no longer “live in the shadows,” the private attitudes of Americans have not changed as much as legal protections for homosexuals have.

Hayoun believes this is a problem.

Homosexual marriage is one of the most popular social issues of today. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it. Since leftists tend to think that history is a linear progression from racial, cultural, and religious intolerance toward complete tolerance, they therefore think that right-wing opinions are roadblocks to their terminus ad quem and that a societal return to traditional values would constitute backward steps for mankind.

These beliefs suffer from a logical fallacy: If idea X is more recent than idea Y, then idea X is better than idea Y.

And this logical fallacy ties in with the false notion that Truth is relative, that different generations have their own correct conception of what Truth is.

We know, in contrast, that Truth is eternal and unchanging because it is rooted in Natural/Divine Law, which is also eternal and unchanging. To apply this to the example of homosexual marriage, Natural/Divine Law states that homosexuality is an immoral, unnatural lifestyle; thus, permitting homosexual marriage in a legal sense is tolerating a lifestyle in opposition to Natural/Divine Law, i.e., Truth.

In other words, opposition to homosexual marriage is correct not because it is per se an “older” idea, but rather because it is grounded in Truth. Certain ideas will always be correct regardless of era.

This may also be applied to other realities of the world, such as race. Natural/Divine Law states that the races of mankind are fundamentally different and that it is best for each to live amongst their kind and pursue their own destiny free from outside influence. No matter how many European countries may become majority non-White, Truth is Truth, and fighting for it will always be a moral cause.

So the next time someone has the audacity to tell you, the reader, that you’re “stuck in the past,” remind them that Truth does not change over time. It is everlasting, unalterable, and just.