On 16th Anniversary, Trump Vows to Hunt Down and Slaughter the Jews Responsible for 911

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2017

Trump’s 911 comments were nice.

One thing I am thankful for on 911 day is that we’re no longer talking about the mechanics of the attacks.

Those were some weird years, with Alex Jones and his team of scientific engineers.

I think it is easy enough to simply blame the Jews.

We know now that Saudi intelligence was involved, meaning at the very least that the Mossad had to have been aware of the operation. Whether or not that means there were bombs in the buildings, I don’t know or care.

But I will note that Donald Trump did say there were bombs in the building.

Furthermore, if it were not for the Jews, we wouldn’t have any Moslems in our countries in the first place. Only a Jew could come up with a convincing argument for why it makes sense to allow Moslems in your country. It convincing because you apparently don’t even have to understand it in order to go along with it.

We need to remove the Jews.

Happy 911, everyone.

Never forget.