Ominous: As US Withdraws from Syria, Bolton Threatens Assad Over Gas Attacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2019

I specifically requested the opposite of this.


As the US is preparing to withdraw its troops from Syria, it seems little has changed in Washington’s vision of the conflict: the Assad “regime” is still the problem, and Tomahawks are going to rain on Syria if WMDs are used.

Despite President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will withdraw the 2,000 US troops stationed in Syria being perceived as a sudden change in course on the ground, it appears that it has hardly affected Washington’s Syria policy in general. The latest thinly veiled threat of a strike on Syria was made by US National Security Advisor John Bolton on his way to Israel on Saturday.

Heading over to congratulate them on the Christmas Day massacre, no doubt.

“There is absolutely no change in the US position against the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime and absolutely no change in our position that any use of chemical weapons would be met by a very strong response, as we’ve done twice before,” Bolton told reporters on his plane shortly before landing in Tel Aviv.

While the schedule for the planned pullout remains unspecified, Bolton noted that the US would hold Syrian President Bashar Assad accountable for any incidents involving chemical weapons.

“As we elaborate how the withdrawal is going to occur and the circumstances, we don’t want the Assad regime to see what we do as representing any diminution in our opposition to the use of weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

“A lot of options would be on the table… if [the Syrian government] don’t heed the lessons of those two strikes, the next one will be more telling,” Bolton said. It wasn’t the first time the official has promised a “much stronger” response to chemical weapons use in Syria. He made a similar statement back in September 2018.

Talk about keeping an alligator in your child’s bedroom.

Trump employing this Bolton guy is like hiring an alligator to babysit.

These gas attacks were all fake, everyone knows they are fake – everyone who knows anything about anything knows they are fake – and as Trump is pulling out this Bolton chap comes out and threatens to blow a load all over Damascus if there’s another gas hoax.

And Assad obviously has no ability to stop fake gassings. All these things amount to is some goofy video getting posted to YouTube. We don’t even know if anyone has ever actually been gassed.

Look at this one from the 2017 event.

That is the only proof that this alleged event happened at all.

Assad himself said it was probably staged with actors.

He has exactly zero ability to stop whoever is releasing these videos (Jews) from doing that.

So why is Bolton making this threat, unless he is planning on staging such an attack in order to have an excuse to keep the war going?

Is that what he is going to Israel to do?

Plan a response to another one of these hoaxes?

Trump needs to get control of his fucking government.

You are the President, Mr. President, and every single person around you is trying to fuck you.

Get it together, man.