Omicron Second Most Contagious Virus in Entire Universe, US Doctor Says

We’re still in this weird part where they’re hyping it up but saying either that it isn’t that deadly or “we don’t know.”

It’s irrelevant, because it doesn’t exist. Go examine the process through which a “new variant” is “isolated” – or for that matter, the process through which “the coronavirus” was “isolated.”

So they just say whatever they want and it can change whenever they want it to change.


The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is the second most contagious disease on the planet, behind measles, according to a Cleveland infection control doctor, who issued a warning about the rapidly changing epidemiological situation.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Claudia Hoyen, co-director of infection control for University Hospitals, said the Omicron strain of Covid-19 was spreading like “wildfire” across Northeast Ohio, noting that the virus was now one of the most contagious on the planet.

“The thing to know about this variant is that it is so much more contagious,” she stated, adding that “it is the second-most contagious virus on the planet currently. And so it’s just very important for people to understand that we are in a much different position than we actually even were two weeks ago.”

The most contagious disease known to mankind is measles. The virus has largely been brought under control, particularly in the West, by widespread vaccination campaigns.

Measles is an even dumber disease that has actually been proved in court to not exist.

So I definitely agree, it’s a lot like Omicron.

The solution, obviously, is to take away all of our freedoms, completely destroy society, and inject us with mysterious poisons forever.