Omicron “Probably Biggest Threat” So Far, UK Health Chief Says

I ran into Omicron this week.

It said “sorry kid, nothing personal.”

And then it killed me.

We have to take seriously the scientific fact that we are all going to die.

The Guardian:

The head of the UK Health Security Agency has called the Omicron variant “probably the most significant threat” since the start of the pandemic as she told MPs to expect “staggering” growth rate over the coming days.

Dr Jenny Harries told the Commons transport select committee on Wednesday that it was still too early to judge the potential risk of the new Covid variant and warned that the virus was “growing faster”.

Dr Jenny Harries kinda looks like Neil Ferguson with a wig.

Her stark warning came after the government’s most senior public health adviser, Dr Susan Hopkins, told MPs on Tuesday that Omicron infections in Britain could reach 1m a day by the end of the month.

It’s probably the most significant threat we’ve had since the start of the pandemic and I’m sure for example the numbers that we see on data over the next few days will be quite staggering compared to the rate of growth that we’ve seen in cases for previous variants,” Harries said.

“The real potential risk here – and I would underline that because we are still learning a lot about the variant – is in relation to its severity, clinical severity, and therefore whether those cases turn into severe disease, hospitalisations and deaths. We’re still at too early stage for that. In fact the world probably is still at too early stage to be clear.”

When they say “we’re still learning a lot about the variant,” what they mean is that they’re still figuring out how many of the adverse effects of the vax they can blame on this fake variant without short-circuiting the NPCs.

They’re already saying that all of these European football players that are collapsing are only collapsing because they are getting so much coronavirus.

They can’t just keep saying it’s a coincidence.

They’ve got to blame it on something.

And there is only one thing to blame it on.