Old Thot Single-Mom Uses Wealthy Beta Males For Free Vacations

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2017

The only thing I hate more than entitled women are the detestable jellyfish that enable them. Women only go as far as men let them.

Now we have a thot who is a mother of five who divorced her husband to travel the world having casual sex on some cuckold’s credit card.

If you’re going to pay for it, at least get something in return.

New York Post:

Meet the mom-of-five traveling the world in style thanks to the rich men she meets online.

Suzanne Thatcher, 52, has journeyed first class to luxurious hotels in destinations across Italy and the US – all paid for by men she’s met via a dating website.

Thatcher, from Florida, said: “Men I’ve met through online dates have enabled me to see some amazing places, but I’ve also made some good friends.

“My friends laughed at first but now I’ve even persuaded some of my male friends to sign up to find travel companions themselves.”

Thatcher insists that she is honest with the men she dates from the off, making it clear that the pair will have separate rooms on their trips and that she won’t do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable with.

She said: “If you are someone looking for an experience that you can’t afford, this is a fabulous way to do it, as long as you do it properly.

“It is important that you talk about expectations from the outset, but also that you have good chemistry from the start.”

After her second marriage broke down last year, Thatcher, who has three daughters aged between 18 and 33, and two sons, aged 28 and 21, was looking for new ways to enjoy life.

She explained: “I’d done some traveling with my girlfriends to Mexico and Puerto Rico when I was younger, but with five kids, a job and my husband running his own business at the time, it was difficult to get away as I got older.

“When my marriage broke down and my kids flew the nest, there was so much I wanted to do and see.

She goes on to talk about the rich loser she met who took her to Rome. According to this woman – who is beneath a whore – they slept in separate rooms and he didn’t even push for more.

This is some real baby boomer bullshit. I’m sure these men financing this lifestyle have kids or could give the money to a decent charity. They instead waste it on some 50-something slag who doesn’t even put out!

The stigma for single moms needs to come back, it’s the only way to keep families in tact. The fact that a guy with a lot of money would even dream of seriously dating a twice divorced woman with five kids is a sad glimpse into modern man’s lack of self-respect. This is what happens when you try to pick up women using “online dating” – it’s a rigged slut machine.

If you’ve ever been to a titty bar, you’ll usually see that one sad sap who always comes in with flowers and jewelry. American and British men are especially pathetic on this front. If a middle-aged woman with kids proposed this to the Slav squatting in the corner in Eastern Europe, he would break a vodka bottle over her face for even trying.

Anglosphere men should take a page from their playbook, there’s a reason their women are so much better in every way.

This “sugar baby” craze is on another level. Showering these narcissistic bitches in luxury for no real reason other than existing not only makes you half a man, it encourages more women to divorce their husbands and follow in their footsteps.