Old Man De Niro’s Monkey Bride Wants to Take Half of His Money! Judge Voids Prenup!

Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019

People say that God doesn’t offer second chances, but he does. He definitely does. Robert De Niro already divorced this monkeywoman almost a decade ago before remarrying her and putting himself in the exact same position yet again. It’s hard to believe someone could shoot themselves in the foot like this twice, but there you go.

This time around though God isn’t letting De Niro off the hook without paying the coal toll.


A contentious scene, chronicled by Page Six, played out in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday during a divorce hearing in which Grace’s team fought against a prenuptial agreement she signed in 2004. De Niro’s lawyers have said the prenup limits her to a $6 million apartment, $500,000 cash and $1 million a year in alimony. They agreed that she gets half the value of a second apartment, as well.

However, Grace’s side said she should get half of what he’s made since 2004, when the couple got married for the second time (the couple first married in 1997, but divorced in 1999). In court, their teams have been arguing over the wording of the prenup.

Yes, kids.

Prenups are no longer worth the paper they are printed on.

This has been the case for some time now. The judges just throw them out. Meaning that a “marriage with a prenup” is exactly no different than a regular “hostage marriage” AKA “a marriage.”


If it happens to a famous multimillionaire with a large team of lawyers, you can guarantee it will happen to you. Do not ever think a prenup will save you. You have to have all your money stashed in bitcoin and be prepared to flee the country.

De Niro’s half-billon dollar worth has been a large topic of conversation during the divorce. His ex and her team have issued six subpoenas for his financial records, De Niro’s team argued, implying the whole thing is overkill.

“She is seeking essentially every piece of paper of De Niro’s receipts for meals on movie sets, wardrobe, payroll records of every employee at Nobu, credit card charges. This all goes back 15 years,” his attorney said.

Say what you will about the sheboon, but boy is she being thorough. When it comes to screwing their husbands over, women leave no stone unturned and no option unexhausted. This is to be expected.

As for De Niro, well it’s hard to feel even a shred of pity for the liberal, race-mixing, goofy-looking goblin at all.

Worse than revealing to the whole world that he has a disgusting fetish, he also revealed to the world that he is a complete and utter retard. Although both things are apparent when you look at his disgraceful children.

I probably can’t even begin to imagine how utterly retarded this man really is.

To be fair, he has gotten really active against Trump in the midst of the great invasion.

But De Niro is probably too dumb to even tie the shoelaces on his manlet shoes, so clearly, this isn’t because he disagrees with the open-borders or the wars or all of these Jews or anything big-brained like that.

No, it’s because he, as a liberal, sees Drumpf for what everyone but the cuckservatives see him as: a symbol for burgeoning White racial consciousness. And as a degenerate, retarded race-mixer, he can’t help but lash out… which of course makes his current predicament all the more amusing.

I hope his niggerbitch bleeds him for every penny that he is worth.

Only then, perhaps, he will see the light.