Old Man Beaten in Nursing Home by Black Dies After Going Into a Depression

The infamous video from May of the black man beating an elderly white man at a nursing home in Detroit has been completely purged from the internet, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s just completely impossible to find, which means that they’ve used an algorithm on all of the social media sites (which are monopolies that cooperate with each other) to cleanse the video.

The video went viral and then President Trump tweeted about it, which made it a national phenomenon. God bless him for that.

Apparently, the Jews who run these companies think that seeing this video would make people think less of the blacks, and it’s very important that people not think less of the blacks. People might say, “yes, I see Black Lives Matter, and I see a black man tragically died of a drug overdose in police custody, but I’ve sure as hell never seen a white man beat up an old black man like this.”

You can’t have that, so the video is memory-holed. These companies have the ability to almost completely memory hole anything. If Joe Biden gets elected, the trigger will be pulled on removing right-wing websites from the internet, which will give them the ability to memory hole anything at all.

I’ve uploaded the video to a competitor site so you can see it, and remember just how bad these savages can be.

It will be deleted, so if you want to have it, save it.

The old man who was beaten in the video has now died from his injuries.

Michigan Live:

A 75-year-old man seen on video being brutally beaten inside a Detroit nursing home earlier this year has died.

The victim, Norman Bledsoe, had been depressed and was not eating since the beating at Detroit’s Westwood Nursing Center, in May, FOX-2 Detroit reports.

Bledsoe suffered four broken fingers, broken ribs, and a broken jaw after the attack.

Prosecutors have charged 20-year-old Jaden Hayden with assault and credit card theft. Hayden is expected to appear in court Thursday to determine if he is mentally competent to stand trial.

Hayden had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and said he was supposed to be taken to another facility to be quarantined, according to his father, FOX-2 Detroit reports.

Yes, the story-within-a-story here was actually much more relevant. Blacks beat the hell out of old white people all the time, and this one was only so talked about because it was recorded.

The much bigger story was that the state of Michigan found that this black had the coronavirus, so they took him to a nursing home. The only possible explanation for this that I can think of is that they wanted to spread the virus to old people who they knew were much more likely to die from it. What other possible reason could there be for such an action?

We know that it was very important to get the death toll for the virus up as high as possible, and the place where the most people will die is a nursing home. So they brought people with the virus into the nursing home to try to create more deaths, so they could present a higher death toll.

Of course, at the same time they were just faking deaths outright. But they needed some real deaths from the virus in there.

It is extremely notable that the man died as a result of the beating, and not as a result of the virus which he was exposed to by an infected person right up in his face who was not wearing a mask or goggles.

Our government is being run by absolute maniacs. And it is going to get a whole lot worse.