Old Jew Bimbo Leslie Stahl was Totally Rude and Jewish During Interview

Leslie Stahl is a rude Jewish hag.

She was acting like such an utter cunt in this interview with Donald Trump that was just released right now.

The media is so disgusting and so Jewish. Jewish people are rude and unbearable. We shouldn’t allow these Jews in our country. This is supposed to be a Christian country.

Trump was being nice and polite too. When he said, “Leslie, that’s such a vicious thing you just said,” he actually seemed hurt. I don’t think he was hurt,  but if I didn’t know better, I’d think he was.

What does a person who doesn’t understand about Jews think when watching this? Why on earth would someone harbor this kind of hatred?

60 Minutes sent Norah O’Donnell, a much younger and not Jewish woman to interview Joe Biden, and ask him about what kind of ice cream he likes best.

That interview is obviously heavily edited to make Biden look non-senile. The questions are benign. They didn’t actually ask the ice cream question, but it would have fit in well with the rest of those questions.

It is absolutely criminal what the media is doing. If the media was even a little bit fair, there would be no contest.

The media is a criminal conspiracy, by Jews, to undermine the United States of America and manipulate our elections. They are working directly with the tech companies to accomplish that goal. All of these people need to be investigated right along with John Brennan, James Comey, Barack Obama and the rest of these criminals.

When the Day of Reckoning comes, we cannot allow the media to get off the hook.