Old Bastard George Bush 1 Finally Dead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

I think we can all agree that it’s about damn time this sonovabitch kicked the bucket.


Former US President George HW Bush has died at the age of 94 at home in Houston, Texas.

Bush Sr served as the 41st US president between 1989 and 1993, his term defined by the end of the Cold War and the first Iraq war against Saddam Hussein.

While his health had been failing in recent years, he still managed to make public appearances.

The former president died at 22:10 local time on Friday (04:10 GMT Saturday), a family spokesperson said.

In April, he was admitted to hospital with a blood infection but had since been discharged. Bush was also being treated for a form of Parkinson’s disease.

He died seven months after his wife, Barbara.

We could have a very peaceful revolution through the simple method of waiting for people to die.

The problem is that all of these old people flooded our homes with rabid animals, who are going to have voting rights, as the white supremacist leader Paul “Jews Against the Wall” Watson recently noted.

So these old people created a hell on earth of brown people and trannies, now they’re all dipping out and leaving us to be hunted down by packs of negroid cannibals.

Look at this idiot sentimentalist bullshit.

Freedom works for what? What is the freedom? What the fuck are we talking about here? Who has any freedoms?

I certainly do not. 

Why are people congratulating this dead sonovabitch?

What the hell did he do?

The first Iraq war, for one.

With that insane fake incubator baby bullshit.

Staged by a “Holocaust survivor” member of congress, by the way.

By sheer coincidence. 

Bush announced a NEW WORLD ORDER exactly 10 years to the day before 911.

Another weird coincidence.

Also did free trade, tried to have the Simpsons canceled, etc.

Whatever, standard shitbag, probably Pizzagate.

All the top shitbags are coming out and mourning.


President Trump took the chance to troll the dead bastard over that bizarro satanic-seeming “thousand points of light” thing he did.

He is referencing his own campaign insults – he said “a thousand points of light, what the hell does that even mean? Does anybody know?”

But speaking of President Trump – he should know that he isn’t going to be remembered like this unless he butchers all of his enemies in a bloodbath.

There will be no nicey-nicey, happy-happy joy-joy or whatever the fuck you call these parades of love that happen when worthless old people die.

Trump will be condemned as Hitler, except they won’t make his birthday a pot-smoking holiday.

His only choice is to create a Rome-type bloodbath.

We need a full John Wick type scenario.

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