Oklahoma State Football Coach Attacked for a T-Shirt, Releases Hostage Apology

If you’re going to apologize, then how about you just don’t do the thing in the first place?

All these apologizers do is make us all look like spineless cowards.

Moreover, the hostage video is the worst form of apology. If you’re going to do one of these videos, at least get some lighting and a microphone, so everyone doesn’t look at it and say, “this looks like a hostage video, how pathetic.”

NBC News:

An unexpectedly turbulent day for the Oklahoma State football program has culminated in a joint video from coach Mike Gundy and running back Chuba Hubbard.

Gundy, who recently was photographed wearing a One American News T-shirt, spoke first.

“In light of today’s tweet with the T-shirt I was wearing,” Gundy said, “I met with some players and realize it’s a very sensitive issue with what’s going on in today’s society. And so we had a great meeting, and [I was] made aware of some things that players feel like can make our organization, our culture even better than it is here at Oklahoma State. And I’m looking forward to making some changes, and it starts at the top with me, and we’ve got good days ahead.”

Hubbard, who tweeted that “I will not stand for this,” that “[t]his is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable, and that “I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE,” continued the presentation after Gundy finished.

“I’ll start off first by saying that I went about it the wrong way by tweeting,” Hubbard said. “I’m not someone that has to tweet something to make change. I should have went to him as a man. And I’m all about passion. So that was bad on my part. But from now on, we’re gonna focus on bringing change, and that’s the most important thing.”

Houston Texans receiver Kenny Stills has chimed in, telling Hubbard, “You did nothing wrong. Without public pressure Gundy wouldn’t have flinched. He didn’t even apologize in this video.”

Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder separately issued a statement: “This afternoon has been very disturbing. The tweets from the current and former players are of grave concern.”

The article goes on to say this isn’t “cancel culture,” and OAN hurts black people. All news reporting now tells you how important it is for you to be very concerned about the blacks and their infantile emotions.

For those who don’t know, OAN is like Fox News, but more pro-Trump. It’s not Nazism. The black guy obviously doesn’t know what it is, as black people only listen to rap music, play sports video games and watch Disney movies.

This is yet another dumb hoax.

Though I’m mad at the Coach, the fact of reality is that when this mob hits you, there is no one that will stand up for you. You are 100% on your own. So people do what they have to do, and I’m sure he thought “a t-shirt isn’t worth sacrificing a career I’ve spent 40 years of my life building for.”

Of course, it wasn’t about a t-shirt, it was about his dignity. But it’s hard to see that when people are threatening to take everything from you over a t-shirt. So I do understand.

I wish there was a movement of saying no to these people, but conservatives are such little babies and retards with no leadership whatsoever. They will look at this and say, “oh, were you triggered over this t-shirt, snowflake? Do you need me to call your mama, cuck?” And I’m sitting here saying, “NO YOU RETARD, THIS ISN’T FUNNY JOKES TIME, THEY’RE THREATENING TO DESTROY THE MAN’S CAREER, STOP SAYING ‘TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKE’ AND DO SOMETHING!”

But they’re not going to do anything.

The blacks will be in these people’s houses with machetes and they’ll be giggling and saying, “oh, you’re gonna rape my wife and kids and then slit their throats in front of me? You must be triggered, snowflake. Want me to change your diaper?”

If the masses of conservatives were willing to actively boycott the entirety of college football over this, and conservatives had a record of doing such things, this wouldn’t be happening. The reason this is happening is because conservatives think they’re doing something by giggling and saying “snowflake.”

But look, it’s not their fault. These people are just… they don’t think, and the leaders who are supposed to be leading them are telling them to just giggle smugly at the supposed silliness of the people who are tearing down their civilization. So that’s what they’re doing.