Oklahoma City University Virtual Graduation is Interrupted with Anti-Jogger Sentiment

Nigga I is be gragamatatin out dis muffugguh and yall comin down on me cuz I is a jogger? Bitch that’s puttin a pain and suffering on mah ass.

Joggers want you to believe they are little babies that just can’t even function if you call them a name.

Is this true?

Well, if it is true, they need to grow up. If it’s not true, then they need to stop pretending to be emotionally fragile.

The Hill:

An Oklahoma City University (OCU) virtual graduation was hacked Saturday, with a racial slur and swastika appearing onscreen during the event held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The interruption came as images of students were being displayed and student Jay Williams was giving a blessing, an Oklahoma City CNN affiliate reported.

“We are heartbroken and outraged at the hate-filled attack that occurred at the end of our virtual graduation celebration today. During a time that should have been focused on recognizing our graduating students, an unknown source was able to bypass the system and display racist and offensive language. I want to be clear, OCU stands against racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism,” OCU President Martha Burger said in a statement.

“I cannot remove this pain and hurt, but I want you to know, that at OCU, we will continue to pursue the values that define us – values of integrity, respect, diversity and inclusion, and collaboration. We will work together to ensure that love, not hate, prevails,” she added, reproducing the blessing Williams had been given when he was interrupted: “Where there is injustice, may we not be silent. Where there is harm, may we be makers of peace. Where there is hate, may we be agents of love.”

The ceremony was hosted on Zoom, a popular video meeting platform during the coronavirus lockdown that increasingly has become a target for hackers.

No one is “hacking” Zoom. People can just log into it. You have to wonder why this same joke keeps working, huh?

If a joke causes you “pain and hurt,” you probably need therapy.

Most adults are able to manage people making fun of them and whatever emotions that creates.