Oklahoma: Antifa Shot Two Cops at a Traffic Stop

As soon as I saw they were printing the guy’s name, I knew he was white.

But he’s very clearly Antifa, as you can see from the tattoos.

Tulsa World:

A manhunt is underway in east Tulsa after two officers were shot by a man during a traffic stop early Monday morning.

Tulsa Police Department says officers stopped suspect David Anthony Ware around 8900 E. 21st St. about 3:30 a.m. When a scuffle ensued, police said Ware drew a gun and fired on the officers multiple times.

Both officers sustained gunshot wounds and were hospitalized in critical condition.

Ware fled on foot from the area on 21st Street between Memorial Drive and Interstate 44, and police say they “are actively searching for him.”

Here’s the statement from the cops:

🚨🚨 Officers Shot – Suspect on the loose 🚨🚨Suspect – David Ware ***ARMED AND DANGEROUS***Officers stopped the…

Gepostet von Tulsa Police Department am Montag, 29. Juni 2020

This is probably going to become a regular thing.

There is no doubt this guy is going to be lionized as a hero by the drug addict left, and they’re going to encourage more of it, and the media is going to giggle.

Cops make about as much money as a manager at a fast food franchise.

We’ve had problems with cops acting terribly for a long time.

The way that they went apeshit on the population over masks and social distancing and then refused to arrest the blacks for rioting and burning everything down just showed that they will always follow the orders of their Democrat paymasters.

But now that you’ve got a situation where they risk getting charged with murder if they’re attacked by a black, and they risk getting shot if they pull over a white, only the absolute lowest of the low are going to be willing to do this for $900 a week.

When you combine a steep downward trend in the quality of the officers with this program to begin replacing cops with “social workers” (Antifa with badges and guns), you’re looking at a very rough ride.

We are going into a situation where the cops simply will not be relied on to protect us. We’re also going into a situation where the mob of colored folk is about to start storming the suburbs.

This is going to be the situation:

  1. Blacks come to your home to kill you, rape and kill your wife and kids
  2. If you call the cops, they do not come
  3. If you shoot the blacks, the cops or “social workers” come and arrest you for murdering peaceful protesters
  4. If the blacks kill you and your family, the media doesn’t report on it, the police do not investigate, you never existed
  5. If people you know – say, your parents – are killed by blacks, and you try to tell people that this happened and no one was arrested, you get charged with hate speech

This is happening now. We are moments away from it.

If Donald Trump loses, it’s going to go absolutely insane. The hate speech laws will be rushed through, as a way to ensure no one can talk about the murders.

I don’t know that it is possible for Trump to win. They are preparing for another lockdown, and that will mean mail-in ballots, and mail-in ballots mean Trump loses. But we need to do everything we can to drag this orange bastard across the finish line, because if we lose in November, all of actual hell is going to break loose.

This is going to affect you and people you care about. People are going to die – and they’ll be the lucky ones.

If Trump wins, there could still be room to maneuver, to avoid the absolute worst possible outcome.