Okay So I Guess We Already Started Building the Wall in San Diego

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2018

I said I’d believe it when I see it.


It’s happening.

The Hill:

Construction on a section of President Trump’s planned wall along the U.S.-Mexico border began Friday in San Diego, according to local media.

Local news affiliate Fox 8 reported that a section of border wall that features an “anti-climbing plate” will replace about 14 miles of improvised border fencing created from scrap metal.

The section of the wall will begin about a half-mile from the Pacific Ocean, Fox reports, and will stand between 18-30 feet tall.

Rodney Scott, chief of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the San Diego area, told Fox 8 that the construction will improve public safety in the area.

“The construction of this new substantial wall will improve overall border security, the safety and effectiveness of Border Patrol agents, the safety of the public, and will enhance the atmosphere for business and commerce in the area,” Scott said.

Customs and Border Protection’s acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello added to the news station that Friday’s launch of construction efforts represents an “important milestone” in Trump’s plan to secure the U.S.’s border with Mexico.

SLSCO, a Texas-based construction company, is managing the construction of the segment of the wall and estimated the cost at $147 million.

The reason I’m not ultra excited is that it is far from clear that this is the beginning of the entire wall.

That is only in theory.

Currently, there is no money allocated to build the entire wall.

$147 million does not for a border wall pay.

But hey – some wall is better than no wall.

Unless that “some wall” is used as an excuse not to build the rest of it.