Okay, Bros – It’s Game Time: Official Tor V3 Link

The dailystormer.su site was down on Thursday, a day where the articles were better than they had been in weeks.

What was not down was the Tor site, which is right here:

There are likely going to be more outages on the .su moving forward. I don’t know if you know this, but it is really, really hard to keep this site online. We are banned from using every single normal service in America, because of all of the democracy.

So we rely on services that are not, you know, first world or reliable. The domain itself is from a country that hasn’t existed in 30 years. If that tells you anything.

So, you need to get used to using Tor. Just as a matter of course, every day when you open the site, you should open it in Tor. At least if you’re reading it on a computer. And the fact that you can read it on a work computer (maybe/probably) should make it less troublesome.

There is something you can download called the Tor Browser for Windows/Mac/Linux. You can do that if you want.

But what I recommend is Brave browser, which should be your main browser anyway, because it is the best browser.

So if you are in Brave browser, you click the link:


If it doesn’t just automatically open in a new window, it will send you to this:

Then, take yourself a look-see up at the address bar, and you will see this at the far right:

That will open the site in a new window, and it will run normally, just like dailystormer.su, except probably actually better and faster. There will also be fresher updates (sometime it takes almost an hour for updates to pop up on .su, whereas they pop up immediately on the Tor site).

This isn’t hard.

Any boomer can do it.

It’s harder on a phone, and especially on an iPhone. Brave has had a plan to get it on their Android app for a while now, and I expect it soon enough (Apple probably not). Right now, the best thing you can do is go to the Play Store or Apple Store and just type “Tor” and find the highest rated app. There are apps that do run on iPhones, but they’re kind of slow, or at least they were. But it is better to take an extra 15 seconds to load a page than to not read it at all, no?

Thursday was a great, great day, and most people missed it, because most people won’t do what I’ve been saying for four years now and use Tor as their main access point for the site.

Frankly, because of this situation, I’m probably going to leave most of the Thursday articles up today, and then just spam garbage in the afternoon.

But if that doesn’t happen and my twitchy hands decide it’s time to fill the page up, you can always click “Featured Stories” (and the other sections, which are also fantastic) and read the older stuff.