OJ Simpson Makes Himself a Potential Raid Target After Stockpiling Toilet Paper

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2020

For whatever reason, Americans are totally in love with and obsessed with toilet paper. I believe this is disgusting, because it is unsanitary and filthy to use a piece of paper to rub feces around on your buttocks after defecating. Instead, the anal area should be cleaned using water.

However, America is a filthy country, filled with trannies and colored people, so apparently refusing proper cleaning after defecation is part of their game. And anyone who has high stocks of toilet paper is going to become a target of raiders when the Coronapocalypse really gets rolling.

May God help OJ Simpson, who posted an image of himself on Twitter with at least 90 rolls of toilet paper and a lot of paper towels.

Raiders have Twitter too, OJ.

And they’re monitoring it closely to determine targets.

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