Ohio: Woman Tased, Cuffed, Dragged Away from Middle School Football Game for Not Wearing a Mask

Masks are required outside now in Logan, Ohio, and you’ll get attacked and tased by the blacks for not wearing one at your kid’s football game.

This is the kind of thing that the Belarusians have to look forward to when Mike Pompeo brings them freedom.


A woman is charged with trespassing after refusing to leave a middle school football game in Logan when she was asked to put on a mask and she refused.

Logan police said the woman, identified as Alecia Kitts, was asked to put on a mask by Officer Chris Smith, who is the school resource officer.

One of Smith’s assignments is to make sure people comply with health and safety guidelines from the CFC, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Logan-Hocking School District.

Smith saw Kitts not wearing a mask and asked her to put one on, according to a release from a release by the Logan Police Department. Kitts said she had asthma and was not going to put on a mask.

The officer says he told Kitts she needed to put on a mask or she would be asked to leave. Police said Kitts refused and Smith told her if she did not leave, she would be cited for trespassing and escorted away.

Police said after several tries to have her leave, Smith told her she was under arrest for criminal trespassing and asked her to put her hands behind her back.

She resisted and police said another woman interfered.

According to police, Smith asked Kitts to comply or he would use his taser. When she continued to resist, Smith used his taser to stun Kitts once in her shoulder.

Smith was then able to place Kitts under arrest and walked her out of the stadium with help from another officer. Police said she tried to pull away while being escorted out.

Kitts was charged with criminal trespassing and released from the scene. Additional charges are pending against Kitts and another woman.

Video of the incident spread online Wednesday after it happened.

Here’s old, frail coward Governor Mike DeWine (a Republican, mind you) reacting to the video.

Mike Pompeo should use this in his propaganda to incite violence in Belarus.

The uprising is all white women.

And if there is one thing white women love, it is aggressive black men getting all touchy with them.

Belarusian sluts see that big old black bastard manhandling that woman, and they’re like, “oh yeah – cut me off a piece of that, Mikey Boy.”

And then Mikey Boy is like, “I’ll cut you off a piece of anything you want, sugar – as long as it’s not a piece of food. I’m keeping all food for myself.”

Pictured: Mike Pompeo at a recent dinner event in Israel

As the woman was dragged away after having been tased by the Mandingo, she said to the others in the bleachers, “we’re sticking together, right guys?”

The assumption is that she and the other parents had made some kind of a pact that they would all come together and refuse to wear masks as a form of nonviolent resistance against the DeWine Virus Regime. This is a very wholesome and good thing to do, and something that I’ve encouraged readers to do. It’s not clear from the video, but what it looks like is the rest of those involved in the pact had turned yella, and she was sticking to her commitment not to submit.

That bit is harrowing, as you can imagine her being permanently dragged off to some FEMA facility and shouting the same words, as her friends refuse to stand up and defend her.

This is literally: “first they dragged Karen off because she wasn’t wearing a mask, and I said nothing because I’m a pussy bitch wearing my mask like a gay little faggot.”

Everything is so surreal. Watching this video, it feels like every person on earth has gone completely insane, except for me and that woman.

How is it possible that human beings are tolerating being treated this way?