Ohio: Weird Crisis Actor Chinaman Gives BLM Style Victim Speech

In one of the weirdest clips I’ve seen yet, a Chinaman who serves as a trustee in a Cincinnati suburb gave a whiny Black Lives Matter style victim speech before a board meeting.

The man’s name is Lee Wong. He is 69 years old.

He started talking about how people come up to him and say “you don’t look American and patriotic,” and this is just obviously false. I can say that as a matter of fact. Probably, there are black people who have had the n-word screamed at them by whites. I can believe that’s happened (I can also believe they probably deserved it, frankly). But I cannot believe a story where an Asian guy is getting hassled in Cincinnati – at least not by white people! Maybe by blacks!

Here’s a longer version of the clip.

In total, this must have been viewed by 30 million people.

He’s acting as dramatic as you’re ever going to see any Asian who is not having a fit, and he opens his shirt and shows scars across his chest that he claims to have gotten while serving in the military and says “is this patriotic enough for you?”

This is some kind of staged thing. Obviously, clearly he staged it – it wasn’t spur of the moment – but someone has to have told him to do it. Right now, the media is trying to hype up this anti-Asian hate thing because they’re trying to start a war with the Chinese. They’re building a shield and trying to get non-Chinese Asians on their side.

“Lee Wong” is obviously a Chinese name. He’s not relevant enough to have a Wikipedia page, but he’s viral now. The only piece of information in the news articles is that he was from Borneo, and moved to the US at 18, then joined the military.

Borneo is in Malaysia. There have been Chinese traders there for a thousand years, so he might not be linked to the motherland. However, most are linked to the motherland.

He says that he was beat up in Chicago for being Asian in the 1970s. Obviously, that wouldn’t be white people doing the beating, now would it?

The guy is also a Republican.

I just don’t understand what this even is. If he’s just talking about being sick of being harassed by blacks, okay – fair enough. But he has to understand that the context that the media is framing this is as white people hating Asians, based on the frankly very suspicious Handjob Center Massacre.

The massage parlor murderer was some kind of anti-handjob Christian feminist activist. According to the media itself, it had nothing to do with the ethnicity of the handjob artists, he simply hated handjobs. Instead of “hated for the color of their skin” it was “hated for the magic in their wrists.”

Here’s the thing: earlier this week, a Moslem went on a killing spree and killed ten white people. This was literally days after they had told us that even if someone’s race didn’t factor into them being murdered, their race matters when they die. But ten dead white people means nothing.

What this Chinaman whining has done is move the conversation back to the previous mass murder. Just like the Handjob Massacre itself, this is just too perfect, isn’t it?

I guess I can give the guy the benefit of the doubt, that maybe he was just talking about blacks, and someone else put him up to doing this performance. But even if Wong himself wasn’t in on it, someone staged this. They are trying to get Asians to come out against white people, and they are at the same time trying to build a pro-war Asian alliance.

I would like to know if this guy is a homosexual, because other than a few women, virtually all of these anti-China Chinese are homosexuals. (You do have a few hardcore Taiwanese true believers, like Ted Lieu, but you can never really know if they are actually just Chinese spies like Fang Fang sucky sucky long time.)

At the same time as this video of this random councilman guy goes viral, a Korean New Jersey politician went on a Twitter tirade against anti-Asian racism. It demonstrates the fake nature of this manufactured outrage (the real outrage is the black attacks, but they are purposefully conflating that with stuff like “they said my son looked different, and I shouldn’t have to feel foreign even though I’m foreign”), so I’ll post the whole thing.

Of course, Koreans are going to be more likely to support a war against China, given that they are Korean and not Chinese.

But in general, we have never seen Asians whine about racism, ever. It’s a weird thing to see. Because the actual truth is that Asians are literally treated like whites institutionally, in that they are discriminated against in college admissions and in hiring. They are also attacked on the streets by blacks in the same way whites are.

Anyway, we know what is going on, and we know this is a script.

The handjob killer was mentally ill, and undergoing psychotherapy, and was probably subject to some kind of MK Ultra mind control. It is just too, too convenient.

Here is CNN with a homosexual Korean, explaining the whole narrative they are pushing, which is just “BLM for Asians.”

I just cannot believe that Asians who are not in on it are actually confused about what is going on here.

Andy Ngo (who is Vietnamese – again, these distinctions matter a lot for context of their views) showed a clip a few days ago from an anti-Asian hate crimes meeting in New York, where they showed the booking photos of suspects, as well as some still on the loose.

SPOILER: None of them are white.

White people are getting blamed for these crimes done by blacks, based on the handjob massacre.

Here’s another promo for the agenda.

In that clip, they don’t make it totally clear, and focus on the victims, but you can tell the attackers are all black.

This is a mass defamation of white people, blaming them for a string of violent crimes committed by blacks.

But understand: they’re not going to get any Asian people to believe that they’re being attacked by whites. So that is not the agenda at work here. It is something totally different.

Asians will turn out to anti-anti-Asian protests, but they will just assume they are about blacks. You have to understand that Asians have something that we would identify as a type of autism, and they have a really hard time picking up on all of this underlying weird emotional stuff that the media does. If they’re born in America, they pick up on more of it, obviously, but any of them not born in America would see any of these clips and just think they’re talking about blacks attacking them. They would think Wong from the top clip was talking about blacks, and they wouldn’t understand that this is intended to make white people think they’re talking about whites.

What they would probably understand is that the government is ratcheting up tensions with China, and is thus creating a shield. That is the real agenda here. They want to create a cover for the war against China.

Because let’s be real: the anti-China agenda is basically a racist hate agenda. The Jews will not tolerate the fact that China is ultranationalist, they will not tolerate the fact that they are competing against the West by simply being good trading partners with countries.

Current Path to War

This is China’s path to “global domination,” which is really not global domination as we would think of communists or Moslems of wanting to take over the world, but a merchant empire:

This is a plan to use trade to expand China’s economic influence and then… and then that’s all. China does not have any apparent desire to rule over anyone, and people seem to be getting caught on that, as if everyone views power as an exercise in domination.

I’ve been reading the White Papers of the Hudson Institute and other neocon think tanks. They will admit that all of China’s trading partners are happy with them. They pour money into poor Southeast Asian, Central Asian and African countries. Everyone on the One Belt, One Road map is getting culturally enriched – with money.

If you want to understand this more, there is a Jew called Eyck Freymann who is young and from Harvard who has written a book about OBOR. Here’s an interview that summarizes the core of it.

Basically, what he is saying is that Mike Pompeo thought he could make these countries believe that they are being put into an IMF “economic hitman” style debt trap by the Chinese, but actually, none of these countries feel that this is happening, because their lived experience is money raining down on them. Pompeo’s plan was to “offer a better deal,” but the better deal is this lunatic cultural agenda, which involved feminism and homosexuality, and doesn’t really make anyone any wealthier. The Philippines is the Asian country really linked to the US, and it is the single poorest country in (yellow) Asia.

None of this is new, and none of it has anything to do with some boomer nightmare theory of communism. When I was looking up the history of Chinese in Borneo, trying to figure out what is going on with Lee Wong, I found this on Wikipedia:

The first recorded movement of people from China into the present-territory of Malaysia occurred during the arrival of Mongol expeditionary forces under the leadership of Kublai Khan. The forces arrived in Borneo in 1292 to prepare for the invasion of Java in 1293. After the campaign, many of Khan’s Chinese followers settled on the island along with Chinese traders and established an enclave along the Kinabatangan River. Their arrival was welcomed by the indigenous people, who could benefit from the jars, beads, silk, metalwork and pottery brought by the Chinese to the island.

This is something that goes back again, nearly a thousand years – Chinese traders setting up shop in various Southeast Asian ports, and being seen as beneficial to local industry, buying and selling in a way that benefited everyone.

We mock liberals for not understanding that Moslems still have the view that they are conquerors invading our lands, but there is an equal misunderstanding about Chinese motivations, which are driven by trade. The Jews don’t misunderstand that, they just pump up nonsense for domestic propaganda purposes. They want people to think that like, the Chinese are planning to invade America and rule over us or something. Why would the Chinese want to rule over America? To what end? Communists and Moslems both had an ideological agenda and goal of world conquest.

What the Jews now understand is that they’re not going to convince anyone of anything, so they’re now pushing for these Antifa type revolutions in these countries. The Hong Kong Antifa movement has spread to Thailand, where it takes the form of a confusing attack on the monarchy, and to Burma, where they are attacking the military. They’re now going for a Middle Eastern model of social-media driven color revolutions. They are going to try to stir that in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and every other China-linked Asian state.

That then also ties back into the domestic agenda of this weird thing of blaming whites for black attacks and creating the spook of a white attack on Asians in general. It links up with these manufactured revolutionary mobs in Asia as a “woke” agenda, while also getting Americans who support the woke agenda to view China as anti-woke.

This probably seems more complicated than it actually is, but understand: we are looking at a situation where China is going to use merchant influence to establish itself as the center of global trade, and dominate the world through that. But again, I cannot stress enough that the concept of dominance is not dominance of culture, certainly not military dominance – the best term I currently have is “merchant empire.” Ultimately, as Freymann explains – and again, he is explaining this as a Jew who wants to defeat the Chinese – the people doing business with China prefer China’s merchant approach to the crazed military insanity of the ZOG West, in part because the ZOG West doesn’t improve their quality of living, and in part because the ZOG West demands control over their culture, and forces feminism and gay sex on them. Small countries only have a choice between China and the West, because the West is making them choose, and other than India, no one really likes what the West is selling.

The scary thing here is that the West is running out of time, and I fear they could start really acting wild. The rushed and aggressive nature of this script – that just hopped and skipped right over the corpses of ten white people in Colorado – shows that someone is planning on pushing it to the limit, rapidly.


Any of you people who want to accuse me of being a Chinese shill need to explain, specifically, where I am wrong. I am sick and tired of it. This is the biggest issue on planet earth right now, and I’m going to tell the truth about it. I’m not going to be silenced by a bunch of Jew-lovers who claim that China is a threat to America, while our entire country is literally run by Jews who are trying to go to war with China.

Yes – I do like Asian people. I’m not a fetishist, but in general, I like Asian people. I’ve never tried to hide that fact. But the reason that I like them overlaps with the fact that they are not evil, and have no evil plans.

If you just love Jews, and side with Jews, then fine. But what I care about is the truth, and the truth only, and this entire retarded mess is all based on very silly and stupid lies.

In the short to mid term future, I’m going to put all of these ideas together in a systematically ordered fashion (a long form version of my beloved Axios style), rather than this sloppy stream of borderline consciousness format. Right now, I’m just trying to unravel all of the different levels of this scheme, and I’m still both consuming and digesting a lot of the think tank material where you really can get a grasp on the strategy of the West.

Finally, I will just repeat: this anti-Asian hate meme, and blaming whites for these black crimes against Asians, is not simply a basic anti-white attack, but part of the larger lead-up to more intense conflict with China.

This all lines up with what we saw in the lead-up to the Iraq war, where they started laying out all of these different narratives as a structure from within which to launch the war.