Ohio University: Dyke Hoaxed Anti-Dyke Hate Notes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2018

About half of the time when there is a hate crime, no one is caught for it.

The other half of the time, the hated group or person is caught doing it on themselves.


An Ohio University student is charged with making false alarms after she claimed notes were left for her using homophobic references and threatening her life, officials said.

Anna Ayers, 21, a member of the student senate at the Athens school, will appear in court Thursday, Ohio University police said.

The school’s newspaper, The Post, reported that Ayers said she received three notes in late September and early October. She said they referenced her sexual identity and one threatened her life, The Post reported.

“Subsequent investigation by OUPD found that Ayers had placed the messages herself, prior to reporting them,” police said in a press release Monday.

The Post said Ayers is a senior studying journalism, a member of The Post Publishing Board and a previous Post columnist.


Of course.

A journalism student.

What else would she be studying?