Ohio: Racist White Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Masks

White racism is leading to many, many, many deaths from coronavirus as racist judges are refusing to enforce the mask law out of severe hatred for dark skin colors.

Everyone is going to die because of this, but racists will sit back laughing all the way to the morgue.


Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said Tuesday afternoon that his office will not enforce any sort of face mask mandate.

“I can tell you this – I am not the mask police. I am not going to enforce any mask-wearing. That is not my responsibility. That is not my job. People should be able to make those choices themselves,” the sheriff said during an impromptu press conference on Facebook Live.

The news comes as the Ohio Department of Health issued a mandate that all citizens in Ohio’s “red counties” wear masks to slow the spread of coronavirus across the state.

Butler County, along with Hamilton, Montgomery, Franklin, Huron, Cuyahoga and Trumbull counties, were identified as hot spots by Gov. Mike DeWine.

Individuals in these counties must wear a mask in any indoor location that is not a residence, DeWine said, or when they are outdoors and unable to maintain a distance of 6 feet or more.

But Jones said neither he nor his deputies will enforce it.

“It’s totally out of control. It should be left up to the individual if they want to wear a mask. If someone is sick, I can understand the mask-wearing. But for all of us to have to have your temperature taken, to have to wear a mask – where is it going to stop?” Jones said.

The sheriff is asking all Butler County residents to not call 911 to report someone not wearing a mask.

“I’m not a scientist, but I want you to know the police are busy…Don’t call 911 because someone is not wearing a mask. If the health departments want to control who is not wearing a mask, let them put a little yellow light on their car and they can stop people and go in,” he said.

“I, as the Butler County Sheriff, am not enforcing any mask-wearing to the public, and my deputies will not enforce it. We’ve got more important things to do.”

Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer issued a statement shortly after the governor’s 2 p.m. press briefing Tuesday, urging individuals within the county to wear masks.

“We are very, very concerned about the increase in the number of cases among our county residents, as well as the trends we are seeing in our hospitals that reveal increases in admissions. We have seen spread among family groups, in long term care settings, and in factories. In addition, we are seeing generalized, large scale community-wide spread,” Bailer said. “In light of this, we support the governor’s mask order, released today.”

The use of face coverings can limit the release of infected droplets when talking, coughing, and/or sneezing, as well as reinforce physical distancing, Bailer added.

Butler County, in case you were wondering, is literally nothing but one gigantic gook fest.

The place is absolutely crawling with them.

We need to investigate this sheriff to see if he’s working with the Chinese to spread this virus as part of a global racist agenda funded by the Chinese.

That may seem too logical to be true, but in fact it is just logical enough to make perfect sense.

With the coronavirus and the attacks on the blacks, we’re seeing the perfect storm of a total combo amounting to a Chinese conspiracy to do racism in America. They’re hacking our mainframes, they’re spreading viruses, the blacks are being abused and killed by the cops for no reason – it is all a large scale conspiracy by the usual suspects and it is high time we got to the bottom of it once and for all.