Ohio: Indian Plastic Surgeon Charged with Raping Sedated Women for Years

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2020

Dr. Manish Gupta

This is actual rape.

It is one of the only types of legitimate rape – drugging women and having sex with them while they’re drugged.

But we don’t hear about this. Instead we hear about Harvey Weinstein hoaxes. This story won’t make it outside of local media.

Toledo Blade:

A Toledo plastic surgeon accused of drugging numerous women and having sex with them while they were unconscious is to appear in U.S. District Court at 11 a.m. Monday before Magistrate Judge James R. Knepp II.

Dr. Manish Gupta, 49, of Sylvania, was arrested Friday by an FBI agent on charges of illegally dispensing controlled substances, aggravated sexual abuse, and sex trafficking.

Online records show he was booked into the Lucas County Corrections Center at 3:46 p.m. Friday.

According to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court, the FBI began investigating Dr. Gupta in January, 2019, after receiving information provided by a woman who said she was working as a “high-end escort who provided companionship and engaged in sexual activity to individuals willing to pay” when she met up with the physician at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Los Angeles in September, 2016. Dr. Gupta at the time was attending a national convention for plastic surgeons.

The woman, identified in the complaint by the initials “KB,” said she performed consensual oral sex on Dr. Gupta before dinner, but objected to him doing a video or photographing their encounter in any way. She “believes she was drugged to the point of unconsciousness” and that he had more sex with her without her consent while she was asleep.

“She awoke in the morning, believing she had been drugged, and left the room while Gupta was in the bathroom,” according to the complaint.

That particular victim had a client who was an anesthesiologist. She drove to that person’s house, where he provided her an at-home drug test, and she tested positive for a class of tranquilizer known as Benzodiazepine, the complaint said.

She did not file a report with police but went to a rape treatment center at Santa Monica/UCLA Medical Center for an examination. The FBI said it obtained the results as part of its investigation.

After her encounter with Dr. Gupta, the woman checked online dating websites and found similar accusations that other women had made about him or a plastic surgeon from Toledo called “Dr. G” for encounters they claimed to have had with him from March, 2013, through September, 2016, according to the court record.

On Dec. 30, 2019, the FBI obtained a search warrant for thumb drives in Dr. Gupta’s possession.

“They contained five different videos of Gupta engaging in sex acts with four different unconscious women,” the court document alleges.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy found discrepancies in record-keeping for controlled substances at one of Dr. Gupta’s local offices, Artisan Surgery Center, 7634 W. Central Ave., in both 2016 and 2019 audits. Records show the state board had issued him multiple warnings, the FBI said.

Then on Feb. 12 of this year, the State of Ohio Medical Board “received a complaint that Gupta had been raping women for years,” according to the court document.

“On or about Feb. 17, 2020, an unknown female caller reported to the Toledo Police Department (TPD) that Gupta has been drugging, raping, and videotaping women for years,” the FBI said.

Agents said they obtained more evidence after executing a second search on March 6, this time for Dr. Gupta’s residence, two Lucas County medical offices, his vehicle, cellular telephone, and other electronics. They also obtained a DNA sample from him.

Seized items included a “large amount of controlled substances,” including drugs used to relax patients before surgery, a drug used for anxiety, and a drug “used to assist anesthesia that induces a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation, and memory loss,” the court document states.

If he was drugging hookers, he was probably drugging and raping patients as well.

There is not even any reason to drug and rape a hooker, unless you have a drug-rape fetish, which is actually weird. And anyway, women would agree to be drugged and raped if you paid them enough, so this wasn’t even necessary.

Anyway, if we don’t want women drugged and raped, we shouldn’t allow Indians into America.

But I don’t think anyone actually even cares about this, or it would be a bigger story in the media.