Ohio: Immigrants? Running a Scam to Rip Off Taxpayers? You Don’t Say.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2015

Once you understand race, everything becomes so much clearer, doesn’t it?

You see these headlines and you’re like “well, I know it isn’t White people who done it.”


You just can’t have a trust-based society and then allow Jews and Blacks and the rest of these people inside your borders.

Columbus Dispatch:

Private tutors faked attendance at their sessions for hundreds of Columbus City Schools students, according to a state audit of a now-halted federal program, bilking taxpayers out of more than $800,000.

The auditor said the Apostolic Faith Temple, a Near East Side church, must repay the largest amount, $312,000, for improperly billing the tutoring program. No one from the church, at 1634 E. Main St., could be reached on Monday afternoon.

Federal prosecutors have unsealed an indictment for another former tutoring entrepreneur, Mussa Farrah, the owner of the former Horn of Africa tutoring service, charging him with five counts of making false statements and six counts of aggravated identity theft.

But as he announced the results of his investigation on Monday, state Auditor Dave Yost said officials believe Farrah may have fled the country.

“We really don’t know,” Yost said of Farrah’s whereabouts. Yost spokeswoman Carrie Bartunek said that the office has turned over its findings to federal prosecutors.

Yost revealed the findings of a four-year investigation into tutoring fraud on Monday but couldn’t say whether any of the money is likely to be recovered. He singled out Columbus City Schools for criticism for not doing more to uncover the fraud in the federal No Child Left Behind program, but also acknowledged that the audit didn’t review how other districts handled the statewide program, which Ohio killed in 2013.

Bernadine Kennedy Kent, a Northeast Side activist who is now a candidate for the Columbus school board, conducted her own investigation of the tutoring program by making public records requests and visiting tutoring programs. She dogged the district for years to crack down on abuses before it finally acted.

Kent said it’s ridiculous that that the fraud would be confined to only Columbus, noting that one Cleveland tutoring firm reported working with and being paid for 1,600 students a day.

I looked at the numbers that these providers turned in and knew that they couldn’t possibly be real,” Kent said after Yost’s announcement. “It was just so easy to create a tutoring company.

Are you saying if it would have been more difficult to create a fake tutoring company, Black immigrants wouldn’t have been able to do it?

It looks like we may have another racist on our hands here, folks.

Kent became suspicious when the district was mailing $80,000 checks to abandoned buildings and post-office boxes and to companies that didn’t have listed telephone numbers. She and her husband, James Whitaker, staked out one tutoring business for days, and found no one entering or leaving.

Columbus schools received more than $3.7 million in federal grants to pass through to more than 50 providers before the state opted out of the Supplemental Educational Services program, or SES, in part because of widespread fraud. Private tutors falsified dates, times of attendance and even student signatures on attendance forms in order to be paid.

In June of 2014, Ashkir Ali, who ran one of the scam tutoring companies, was sentenced to 13 months in prison on federal charges of falsifying invoices and stealing students’ identities. Ali was ordered to pay $115,916 in restitution. Ali came to the United States from Somalia in 1997 as a political refugee and is a permanent U.S. resident.

And he won’t be deported.

Ashkir Ali: an enricher of the city my grandparents built.
Ashkir Ali: an enricher of the city my grandparents built.