Ohio Governor Announces Lottery Sweepstakes for the Vaxxed! Get Vaxxed – Win Cash Prizes!

“The Masked Governor” Mike DeWine tweeted that he’s entering everyone who gets the vaxx into a lottery system, in which people can win big time.

Big daddy DeWine is a long legged mack daddy!

They’re going to change his name to BIG BUCKS DeWine!

Come on doowwwwwwwn!

Five people are going to win $1 million!

Think of what you could do with a million bucks! And all you have to do is bow down and serve the BEAST with your body and soul!

You’d better get ready for life in the fast lane*!

Listen to the money talk!

This is rock ‘n roll, baby! Rock ‘n roll vaxx!

You just hit the big time!

If that wasn’t enough – Diamond Mike is throwing in even more prizes! He’s giving a scholarship to 12-17 year olds who get vaxxed!

If you’re asking “why do 12-17 year olds need to be vaxxed when they are at zero risk from the virus?” then the answer is very simple: they can spread the virus to grandma! Then grandma is dead as a doornail!

Of course, you will then ask “well, isn’t grandma already vaxxed?” Yes, of course she is, but the vaxx doesn’t really work that well! Anyone can still get the virus when they’ve been vaxxed! That’s why we need to vaxx everyone – even people with zero risk from the virus!

We’ve gotta finish the job! We’ve gotta include everyone in this kooky experimental drug test! Otherwise, people in their 70s and 80s could die!

Mike’s gonna finish the job!

Bob Barker never finished the job!

*Many will get vaxxed, many will have strange menstruation, few will win.