Ohio Black Who Couldn’t Take the Gay Any Longer Convicted of “Hate Crime”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2016

Nigga, I just can’t take yall faggot no mo.

There are things of value you can see in Blacks, simply because they are so primitive the normal mind-washing doesn’t work on them.

Feminism and homoism are things they just really don’t go for.

Anyway, this case is relevant beyond that, as this Black just got convicted of a “hate crime” for a threat – it says he “attempted” to attack someone, but he didn’t actually do it. Previously, “hate crimes” had to involve some injury to person or property.

They are clamping us, setting precedent using ridiculous situations such as this. “Hate crime” laws were always intended to become “hate speech” laws.


A man from Columbus, Ohio was just convicted of a hate crime after threatening to “shoot up” his gym if it didn’t remove all of its gay members, and then attempting to attack a guy there who he assumed to be gay.

Back in August, 41-year-old Michael D. Smith had to be restrained by two other gym members at Cal Fit after charging at 22-year-old Michael Harris.

A witness testified that Smith began a rant about not being able to go into the locker room “because all the fags are in there,” and that “he wished he could kill all the gays” before he jumped off his treadmill and charged toward Harris.

This incident came after two other reports of Smith entering the gym in August, threatening to “shoot up” the place if the gym didn’t get rid of its gay members.

When the gym manager sent Smith an email that informed him his membership had been terminated, the homophobe wrote back with two separate emails filled with cursing and gay slurs.

This is ultimately what informed police of the incident and got Smith arrested, and he was eventually convicted of ethnic intimidation, aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct.

Ethnic intimidation is a rare charge used for cases involving assault based on a victim’s age, race, religion, or sexual orientation.


“Gay” is an ethnicity now?

This is also new.

Or was it because the gay was White…?

Smith’s attorney tried to argue that Smith had been hit on by gay gym members and was stared at in the showers, but they failed to provide any evidence.

Smith is now in custody and faces up to a year in jail at his sentencing next week.

A year for what amounts to mean words about homos. If he were White, they’d be trying to give him life.

This is an enclosing walls situation we are experiencing here, people.