Oh Yeah You Definitely Can’t Do That

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2018

Not really sure why someone would think this was allowed.

I guess even normies are having a hard time keeping up with the new norms.

But I mean, this is like something that would have been iffy even in like 2014.

Current year… who would even think it?

Maybe they actually are a bunch of virulent race haters.

I think they actually aren’t. I think it’s just what it looks like.


A student party with a “politically incorrect” theme proved true to its calling, as revelers sported blackface, costumes of Klansmen, death camp prisoners and even Hitler, sparking outrage in the Australian town of Wagga Wagga.

Photos from the party, thrown by the students of the Charles Sturt University (CSU), went viral on Friday, sparking outrage in the community. The event had been advertised as a “politically incorrect” one, urging the party-goers to dress-up as inappropriately as they could.

“Grab a kit that would legally get you in sh*t and hook right in,” the now-deleted Facebook page of the event read, according to Australian media.

The few pictures from the event, which promptly went viral, illustrated how the party goers indeed tried to be as offensive as possible. They seemingly succeeded, as the photos from the party caused outrage among students of the CSU, especially Aboriginal ones, who found them grossly inappropriate.

One of the photos features five people dressed as KKK members, with a man sporting “blackface” make-up squatting in front of them. The blackfaced participant holds a bowl filled with something resembling cotton-balls.

The now-deleted original photo was accompanied with a caption reading “Very very politically incorrect. Cotton prices are unreal though so it’s a great time to be pickin’.”

Another photo that went viral following the scandalous party features three men dressed as Jewish prisoners of a Nazi death camp, with a man resembling Adolf Hitler in the background. The original Instagram post, which has been also deleted, was captioned “Jesus Christ. I Jews you as my lord and saviour.”

As the photos went viral, The Black Swan Hotel, which hosted the event, was bombarded with outraged Facebook users. The establishment initially released a statement on its page, claiming it was “unaware of this behaviour happening out the back of the pub.” As the pub staff noticed the inappropriate party they “immediately dealt with it,” since the Black Swan has “zero tolerance” towards such behavior. The statement, however was deleted later.

The “party” has been condemned by the CSU as “offensive.” The University did not acknowledge that its students were involved in the incident, adding that it had launched an investigation into it. As of Friday evening, the CSU did not provide any further information on its probe.

Does anyone remember the Jews in the 60s?

The Jew Lenny Bruce?

The Jew Al Goldstein’s “Screw Magazine”?

The Jew Allen Ginsburg, who was a member of NAMBLA, an organization that lobbied for the legalization of sex with boys? His books are still read at universities.

He had a point there, didn’t he?

The Jews were the lords of offense.

Now, they are the masters of thought control.

They broke down the barriers of our society by purposefully attacking social norms, and now they witch hunt us if we attack the new norms that they’ve established.

I challenge any single academic figure who thinks what we do here at the Daily Stormer is morally reprehensible to explain how it was okay for Allen Ginsberg to write poems about sex with little boys, and read them at Harvard.

Seriously – let’s have that talk.

Jews telling people they can’t do things that are offensive is the most outrageous thing imaginable.

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