Oh, The Irony! Macron Accuses Putin of Being a Despot!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

You may not like it, folks, but this is what Peak Liberalism looks like. Phony, astroturfed, nigger-loving and granny fucking fugging freaks lecturing sane people on morality, human rights and the sacrosanctity of Democracy.


Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to tell Russia’s Vladimir Putin that a “true democracy” should treat protesters with respect. In France, anti-Macron protesters have been met with police batons for the past 40 weekends.

The two leaders met ahead of the G7 summit, which Russia will not be part of, to talk about issues both bilateral and international. Amid the mostly-amicable exchange, the French president scaled the moral high ground to admonish Putin for his treatment of protesters at home.

“We called this summer for freedom of protest, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and the freedom to run in elections, which should be fully respected in Russia like for any member of the Council of Europe,” Macron said at a joint press briefing at his summer residence on the French Mediterranean coast ahead of 3.5-hour-long talks with Putin.

This is what a real Democracy looks like:

You know, it’s funny.

I thought Macron had crawled under a rock for the rest of his term and simply decided against appearing publicly anymore because of the spontaneous loathing that it generated in crowds of French people.

Referring to a series of opposition protests that were held in the Russian capital in recent weeks, the French leader urged Russia to abide by international agreements guaranteeing freedom of speech and freedom to gather.

“That is why a lot of people were concerned with what is going on in Moscow with all the arrests … that were made by police,” he said. Indeed, both the Western political establishment and media have been gripped by the news of the rallies in Moscow.

What they have not been nearly as thrilled about, though, are the ongoing Yellow Vest rallies in France itself. The country, which, according to Macron, “has always respected all the rights of its citizens,” has seen protests for the past 40 weekends – larger than those in Moscow, and met with a much tougher police response.

But no, Macron found enough courage to condemn Putin for not registering the West’s preferred Manchurian candidates to run for local elections in Moscow and then for arresting a bunch of Jews and college kids and releasing them the same day.

It’s a shame that Putin passed up on the chance to really nail Macron on this point. But what else is new… Russia really needs to step up its game when it comes to PR jostling with the West.