Oh Shit: Joe Biden Himself Comes Out and Says Donald Trump Caused BLM and Antifa Riots

Seeing Democrats claim that Donald Trump is responsible for BLM and Antifa riots is like seeing a stinking schizophrenic homeless person get up in your face and rant. Except it’s much worse, because they’re not homeless people, and they’re saying this boldly and without shame, while knowing how insane it is.

It is the most absolute and archetypal form of Orwell’s “2+2=5” that I have ever witnessed in my entire life, and I believe probably, the most dishonest talking point that any political group has ever come up with in all of human history.

On Monday, we reported on this fact that the Democrats had clearly sent out a memo that all Democrats are to begin spreading this narrative at the same time. After months of praising and encouraging violence, both implicitly and explicitly, they all of a sudden turned on a dime and began saying it was all Trump’s fault, because he used mean words.

Obviously, according to the Democrats of last week, Donald Trump would have been a hero for fomenting black and communist violence, because the violence was good. But the polls changed. People have settled into the “new normal” of the virus hoax, and now they’re reflecting on decisions they made while under lockdown duress, and they’re realizing that they actually don’t really like it when violent mobs burn down cities. So they flipped it.

After we published our article on Monday, the leader of the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, came out and said the same thing that all of them had been saying: Donald Trump is encouraging Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters to commit acts of ridiculous violence by being against them.

The basic claim he makes is that because Donald Trump is president, he is responsible for all of the riots. They keep saying “this is Donald Trump’s America,” implying that he manipulated black people and communists into committing all of this violence. It’s even more outrageous than that Democrat Senator claiming that Trump is purposefully trying to murder his own supporters with the coronavirus.

I’ve spent a lot of time complaining that the DOJ won’t act to stop these riots using RICO and whatever else. But obviously, the first and most basic line of defense is for the police to simply stop the riots using tear gas. These are all Democrat cities, and the mayors and governors are telling the police to allow people to riot. The whole thing is entirely contrived by the media and the Democrat Party, which invented the insane George Floyd “racist murder” hoax to begin with. George Floyd was not murdered – he died of a drug overdose in police custody while violently resisting arrest after he’d committed a felony. Everyone knows this now; we have several videos of it.

The media/Democrat complex turned this into an absolute fiasco. Do you remember when they went out there and put on African shawls and prayed to blacks?

They are mystifying maniacs masquerading as managers.

They are the architects of destruction.

Just like the Pied Piper led rats through the streets, we dance like marionettes.

Tucker Carlson said that this Biden speech was possibly the most dishonest speech in American political history.

I think he’s right. It is literally beyond belief. It’s difficult to process that they are actually, literally, claiming that Donald Trump caused Black Lives Matter to riot.

Tucker also zeroed in on one line: “does anyone think there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” He identified that as a mafia-style threat, which it obviously is. The average person hears that and doesn’t necessarily recognize it as a threat, but understands that it is probably true. And that is a powerful new talking point: “if you don’t vote for us, we’re going to burn this bitch down.”

It’s unlikely that swing voters will respond well to that threat. It’s much more likely that people are going to go out to vote and just go down the line checking “R” to ensure that they get Republican mayors and governors. Because again: the riots only happen in Democrat cities. Democrat cities are going to abolish the police. Democrat New York just cut a billion dollars from the police, and the city has turned into “The Warriors.”

Backtracking and changing the narrative from “the riots are great” to “the riots are terrible and Donald Trump’s fault” happened so fast you could get whiplash trying to follow it. The first time I saw them say anything negative about the riots was when Don Lemon said it on Wednesday.

The change was purely a result of polling. The Democrats thought they could keep the white guilt train rolling all the way to November, and that operation was botched. At some point, people say, “okay, fine, I’m a racist, okay? Sure. I’m a racist who is tired of living in constant fear of violence. Just make it stop.”

All of this information coming out is probably also trickling down to some of these normies. For example, the George Floyd videos. And the fact that 81% of blacks want the same or more cops in their neighborhood.

Whatever the case, Black Lives Matter has lost virtually all support, after having been very popular immediately following the George Floyd hoax.

They had this whole thing set up that if you didn’t support BLM, you wanted to murder black people because you found the tone of their skin aesthetically displeasing, but they just kept inciting all of this insane violence, burning all of these buildings, looting, attacking the police, etc.

Talk about dropping the ball.

Furthermore, they’re going to have a helluva time convincing their own supporters that the riots are bad. Morning Joe came out and said it on Twitter, and people responded as if they’d just watched him murder an intern.

I do not think this was a plan, at all. That feels really good.

The plan has been going totally smoothly since they first launched this lunatic virus hoax. I was feeling like I was in a scripted movie, from the time it started. Being forced into damage control over these riots is the crack I was waiting for, and it feels stupendous.

Now, if Donald Trump would just come out and endorse our boy Kyle, I’d be having a perfect week.