Oh No Look at Crying Child, We Must Throw Away Civilization

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

One of the recurrent themes in these “migrant crisis” we’ve been witnessing for some years now is the “brown kid cries/suffer/dies therefore your argument is invalid” play.


Celebrities produced some of the latest examples.

Rihanna even called it “terrorism.”

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terrorism .

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My investigation into the most recent example suggests that the “incident” was premeditated and calculated. A fabrication.

It’s tempting to extrapolate that realization to the previous episodes that share similar mechanics. Why wouldn’t we? The media continues to use the same tactics. There’s a pattern.

Assad made brown kids cry therefore WW3 now.

We can’t really separate emotion from reason in an effective manner. Full color high-definition screens haven’t been around very long and your brain has trouble separating what it sees on them from what’s immediately happening in front of you.

People get aroused when they watch porn and they get outraged when they see pictures of children suffering. Just as porn makes normies masturbate and give away life force to evil kikes, photographs of brown kids crying makes normies masturbate their virtue-deprived ego and give away the achievements of their forefathers to the brown hordes.

Trump made a brown child cry therefore abolish borders now.

It’s worth noting that the suffering of the children themselves featured in these famous pictures is not questioned. It’s irrelevant whether they suffered or not. Civilization is not a guarantee of pain-free existence, it’s a tool to create a less painful one. Things could be worse, but they also could be better, and working to make them better sometimes makes some people cry.

If anyone could just enter the United States and pretend to be American, some of the children featured in these media operations wouldn’t have cried, suffered, or inhaled tear gas. But that would mean America wouldn’t be America.

Land is not magic. If you’d flood Americans with Mexicans and Hondurans, you’d no longer have America. You’d have some ex-Americans in your Aztec wasteland. For a time, because they’d soon be wiped out or out-bred.

This brown kid died trying to get your stuff therefore your stuff should no longer be your own.

If anyone could enter Europe and pretend to be European, you’d have a lot of dead Europeans and a lot of living brown kids.

Just as the caravan uses children as human shields when they attack the US border, the media uses children as tools to manipulate the public. They’re a shield and a weapon. If you defend what they say caused the child to cry, you’re an evil bigot that wants to hurt children, while they’re the virtuous justice seekers that want to make kids happy.

How can you argue against that face?

You can try reasoning with them but they’ll just respond with a zoomed in version of the same picture.

At that point, just give them the wompest of womps.