Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen: MILO Reduced to Selling Magic Pills for Alex Jones

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2108

MILO the alleged Jewish homosexual was once a HOT TOPIC on the Daily Stormer.

He is literally the media version of the store HOT TOPIC.

I was concerned with him because he was using the term “Alt-Right,” using our memes, and trying to associate it with classical liberalism, writing this big article for Breitbart claiming that the racism is all a big joke and we just want… states rights, or something.

And he was a big deal back then. The idea of a flamboyantly queer “conservative” pundit was novel. Just as the cuckold boomercons loved “Dems r the real racists,” they jumped all over the chance to say “Dems r the real homophobes” (MILO hates Moslems because he doesn’t want to get thrown off a roof). It was a bizarre thing, seeing ostensibly Christian conservatives embrace the idea of a faggot representative, but it was really surprising.

What I saw was that he was attempting to steal our brand in its entirety, in the same way that the Tea Party brand was stolen from the Ron Paul “Audit the Fed” people back in the 00s.

I just about had an apoplectic fit when Richard Spencer refused to denounce him. Me and Jazzhands both. We got on the phone with Mike Enoch and tried to bully him into bullying Richard into denouncing him and Mike got all pissed off.

O, the memories. This was sometime in 2015.

Fittingly, it was Richard himself who solved the MILO problem. When he said “Hail Trump, Hail Our People, Hail Victory!” at NPI 2016, the deal was done – the Alt-Right was now defined very clearly as white nationalism.

Meanwhile, MILO had been banned from Twitter for making fun of that monkey negress from Ghostbusters, and was fading into irrelevance rapidly. So at that point it didn’t really matter anymore anyway.

Literally, the guy’s entire career was Twitter-based. And the ban killed him.

He was still getting some interviews on TV though, so the Jewish media hatched a plot to come out all at once calling him a pedophile for some interview he did – which had been online for a year – where he said something like “sexual relationships with older men can be good for young teenage boys.”

That is literally what every homosexual believes, and I actually defended him for saying it – at least he’s being honest about what these people are. Pederasty is a completely open secret in the gay community. It’s also an open secret among men that at some point in their early teen years they had an older homosexual make a pass at them – it is emasculating to admit that, so boys keep quiet about it, but it happens to every boy at some point around 12-13. The homosexualist knows that the boy is ashamed of having been approached in this way, so he has natural protection from being told on.

After that, he launched some book, which I guess sold well for a few days then went away.

And now here he is, all the way at the bottom – selling magic pills for Alex Jones.

That is humiliating as shit.

I feel bad for the gay sonovabitch.

Is MILO Even Jewish?

I’m just going to throw this out there: I don’t believe MILO is even Jewish.

He claims to be half Jewish.

He doesn’t look Jewish.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: With darker hair he looks more Jewish – but imo he still just looks like a half-Greek Brit; Greeks obviously have dark hair and they also have larger/less refined facial features.)

I think he lied about that in order to try and trick the Jews into promoting him. He also thought it would allow him to get away with being edgy.

Wikipedia itself just says that he claims to have a Jew mother.

I am sure a Jew wrote the “he has said that” part. Someone can go check the edit history I’m sure, but I can pretty well guarantee it used to say “His mother, who is British, is of Jewish descent.”

There was this weird scene on the Rubin Report with the Jew (whatever his first name is) Rubin where MILO was talking about Jews controlling the media and the banks, and saying “we” when talking about the Jews, and Rubin stopped him and was like “you’re half Jewish.”

And the message there seemed to be that Rubin, as a Jew, was not sensing genetic kinship with MILO, and was being made extremely uncomfortable by that fact.

There is some quote in Culture of Critique from some Jew where he says something like “when I see another Jew and look into their eyes I can feel thousands of years of shared struggle” or some such. I am very, very good at recognizing Jews, and every Jew is better at it than I am. They have a type of natural psychic bond. And you see that this doesn’t exist between ultra-Jew Rubin and MILO in that interview.

It doesn’t really even matter at this point – the poor bastard is at Infowars – but I just think it’s interesting.

He almost certainly falsified another aspect of his identity for gaining political shielding and making himself seem more interesting in the claim that he dates black men. There is no record of that at all, and he has several times shown his entourage and it is all 19-year-old white boys.

Here’s one such clip.

Protip: gay culture is extremely racist. I think that must have been what Richard Spencer meant with his infamous “implicit” Tweet. A white homosexual being specifically interested in black men is not a real thing. There are some homos who are into Southeast Asian “twinks,” but overall they generally only like white men, because they are objectively superior physically, and everything about homosexualism is about the purely physical – it is a satanic, materialist cult.

The only being on the planet that is low enough to be interested in sex with a black male is a white woman.

So he made up the black thing, I think he made up the Jew thing.

The Power of Twitter

The bottom line here is this: Twitter is extremely powerful. Losing it can literally ruin the entire life and future of a relatively prominent media figure. The downfall of MILO is proof of the importance of this website in our society, and proof that to deny someone the use of it is a denial of a necessary public service.

This “private company” libertarian gibberish that the leftist kikes are pushing is nonsensical. The same argument could be used to shut off someone’s heat in the winter time – “the gas company is a private company, goyim, so you have to freeze to death because you violated political correctness.”

“The grocery stores are all private companies, goyim, they don’t have to sell you food.”

Or, if we want to make it about something that isn’t life and death – shutting off your phone service. The phone company is a private company.

Jared Taylor and Chuck Johnson are both suing Twitter. I don’t know why MILO isn’t. I guess probably because he doesn’t have any money, and has to sell magic pills for the Fat Man just to pay for his drugs.