Oh and Bernie Dropped Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

Losing to a literal walking skeleton either means your ideas aren’t very popular or you ran a horrible campaign. And as far as I can tell, Bernie’s ideas are pretty popular.

This would maybe be a more important news story if… no, it wouldn’t really ever be an important news story.

No refunds.


Senator Bernie Sanders has ended his presidential campaign, clearing the way for former Vice-President Joe Biden to become the Democratic party’s nominee.

Mr Sanders, 78, told supporters on Wednesday he saw no feasible path to get enough votes to win the nomination.

Who knows if Biden will actually make it to election day. I don’t really see how that’s possible.

But who even knows if we’re going to have an election…?

Is there even one person in the entire country that would trust the results of the “internet election” that the Jews are proposing?

If Bernie would have taken this opportunity to lock arms with Biden, dance and sing “swing your partner dosey doe,” he would have won. All he needed was a little bit of fun, a little bit of mockery of Joe. That’s all it would have taken.

Former Sanders fan Jimmy Dore has been delivering some hot takes.

He is betrayed.

Punished Dore.

He’s even going to war against AOC and the rest of the Squad.

Was Bernie just a controlled opposition Jew shill from the beginning?

Who knows. Probably?

It’s a little bit sad, I suppose, what happened to the communists and their plan.

But really, none of it even matters anymore.

All of this decadent political bullshit is finished.

We are now dealing with the politics of survival.

The machines are going to fail.