Official UK Data: Coronavirus 26th Leading Cause of Death in June, Less Than 1% of All Deaths

Coronavirus isn’t real. It’s just a rebranding of the flu and other respiratory illnesses. There is zero evidence of a new virus.



No evidence.

But even if you believe everything these assholes say – the virus is not a threat, at all, to anyone other than the extreme elderly who are already on death’s door.

Note that the Daily Mail is trying to sensationalize 11 people a day dying.

Daily Mail:

Covid was only the 26th leading cause of death in England in June, official data revealed today.

Just 0.9 per cent of fatalities were down to the virus last month — the equivalent of 11 per day, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed.

For comparison, heart disease — the country’s leading killer — claimed 139 lives per day, 12 times more than the coronavirus.

Despite deaths having plummeted over the past few months because of lockdown and vaccines, the virus is still the leading killer this year.

But fatalities are starting to speed up now, with infections having soared because of the spread of the Indian Delta variant. Experts say the easing of restrictions will inevitably cause the outbreak to pick up speed.

Where is the evidence that “deaths have plummeted because of lockdowns and vaccines”?

It’s summertime, so there are going to be less respiratory illnesses.

Covid killed slightly more people in England in June compared to one month earlier, accounting for 75 deaths per million compared to 71 per million in May.

The proportion of deaths linked to Covid peaked last April in the first wave, when it accounted for 6,232 deaths per million in England. In the second wave, fatalities peaked at 5,496 per million.

But Covid accounted for just 2 of the 2,560 deaths recorded in June in Wales — such a low number the ONS were unable to accurately rank it against other leading causes.

The 0.1 per cent of deaths linked to the virus in Wales is the lowest proportion the country has seen so far in the pandemic.

Now do car crashes.

Why should we not ban cars?

Is the point to prevent all forms of death completely?

Then why not do something to prevent obesity, which according to the government’s own statistics, is killing orders of magnitude more people than respiratory diseases?

Why is a death from “coronavirus” a special death? Is this like World War II, where tens of millions died, but the only deaths that mattered were the Jews?

Seriously – who is drawing the conclusion from this data that “coronavirus is a deadly pandemic”?

The pro-vaxxers complain that the anti-vaxxers use their data for malign purposes.

But in order for the virus hoaxsters to make their case, they have to literally publish outright lies, fake data, or emotional appeals.

Anyone who looks at their own data, without even reading anyone’s comment on it, is going to come to the conclusion that there is no “pandemic.”

Even while the data shows that there is no threat, and that even the deaths they manage to launder into the corona hoax are lower than ever before, the media continues to act like there is an ongoing apocalypse.

The bottom line is that no one knows anyone who “died from Covid,” and most people do not even know anyone who knows anyone who “died from Covid.”

There is no pandemic.