Official Stormer Statement: We’re All in on Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz is undoubtedly a weird person. I’ve spoken negatively of him in the past, primarily due to his weirdness, and for boomerish positions he has taken.

However, recently, I’ve been more pro-Gaetz after he was targeted by a bizarre deep state conspiracy to try to frame him as a heterosexual.

If Gaetz is able to beat this deep state conspiracy – and frankly, it looks like he already has, because nothing is happening and there is no indictment – he will be able to do whatever he wants.

He is young enough that I can forgive some of the things he’s done that I don’t agree with, and I can forgive his weirdness because, whatever, that just is what it is.

Gaetz has recently gotten behind Nick Fuentes in his civil rights fight to board planes. Nick requested that Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene show support for his cause, and Gaetz answered.

Greene has yet to answer at time of writing, but I hope she does, as she is another person who I’m generally feeling positive about. Greene is also weird, of course, but as far as I’m able to tell, she does genuinely love America, which is a lot more than you can say about virtually 100% of Congress.

My advice to Gaetz would be to focus on body-mind self-help materials, as he may be able to mitigate some of his weirdness by getting in shape. But in general, after the first interview with Tucker, which was really problematic, Gaetz has been dealing very well with this massive conspiracy against him, and it looks as though he’s going to overcome it, no worse for wear.

There are a lot of reasons to believe that after having been through something like this, being a direct target of the deep state, Gaetz is going to be ready to get a lot more serious. What’s more, if the voters don’t believe in this weird hoax that the FBI, Justice Department and apparently the Mossad have done against him, they’re not going to believe anything else about him. After this hoax, anything they come out with about him is going to look like yet another hoax.

Gaetz is a part of a currently emerging Congressional Caucus to promote Anglo-Saxon traditions in America, which effectively amounts to a “Congressional White Caucus.” Even after he was attacked as a racist over this, Gaetz has refused to back down (unlike MTG, who made a weird statement in response to accusations of racism – and is trying to sink the project). His support for the civil rights icon Nick Fuentes has sealed the deal.

We need as many leaders as we can find. I’ve been pleasantly surprised about Gaetz. If he is a homosexual, he is quiet enough about it that this is nobody’s business but his own.

So, at this time, Matt Gaetz has my full endorsement. That means that I am calling on readers to do anything they can to support him, including doing anything you can to support any of his campaigns and turning out for any events he holds. Don’t be a weirdo about it, and don’t do anything that could hurt his image, but do whatever you can to support him.

Along with my full support for Matt Gaetz, I would also like to announce my lack of full support for Josh Hawley and J.D. Vance. Maybe they’re okay – I don’t know. I guess we’ll see about them. But as of right now, I maintain very serious suspicion about those two Yale boys. They both seem like nice enough people, I’m sure. I would endorse Vance for Senate, because whatever – he can’t be any worse than the rest of them – but as far as either Hawley or Vance being people that you should trust – I’m still skeptical.

Gaetz is a very unique politician, in that they’ve already went as hard as you can go against someone against him. That really changes the dynamic of things. I do hope that Tucker Carlson forgives him for that weird thing he did, and realizes that he was under a lot of stress. I assume that Gaetz has called and apologized to him.

I am totally not joking when I say that Gaetz needs to start spending 8 hours a week in the gym. He needs to lose weight, and more importantly, he needs to become more connected with his body. The thing that makes him seem weird is that he doesn’t really seem like he is in connection with his own body. This is a unique problem to have, which seems to particularly afflict millennials, probably because of their connection to electronics.

Along with that, my other main piece of advice to Gaetz would be that he stay away from anyone named Greenberg, or anyone with a similar last name. Hanging out with those kinds of folks is how you get wrapped up in bizarre sex scandals involving intelligence agencies.

Finally: the plaid thing is too much.

I get what you’re trying to do there man, but it’s too much.