Official Report Blames City of Charlottesville for August 12th Violence!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2017

Some good news on a rainy Autumn Saturday morning, friends.


A preliminary action report is blaming Charlottesville for the civil unrest that occurred in the city on August 12.

The preliminary report [pdf] was presented to the Governor’s Civil Unrest Task Force in Richmond Thursday, October 26. The task force is comprised of first responders from around Virginia, elected officials, but no one from Charlottesville.

According to the report, city leaders did not take recommendations ahead of white activist Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right rally. Additionally, the report said Charlottesville had an inadequate permit process. The city was taken to court after it tried to make changes to Kessler’s permit just a few days before the rally.

International Chiefs of Police Director Jim W. Baker says we are seeing a new era of protests that involve weapons, shields and a desire to cause harm. He said Charlottesville leaders knew this before protesters and counterprotesters clashed in and around Emancipation Park. Baker said the park was too small, noting that authorities tried to have it moved to McIntire Park, and the city was warned about extreme violence, including a potential car attack.

No idea what that means, but I do not believe the city was warned about a “potential car attack.”

Police have charged James Alex Fields with second-degree murder, hit-and-run, and multiple counts of malicious wounding after he apparently drove into a crowd in the area of 4th Street.

Charlottesville is withholding important planning documents and information to the state. However, the commonwealth is not sharing some of its information with the city. Officials are trying to resolve this, which could change some of the conclusions within the report.

“We would like to cooperate and work with the city of Charlottesville. Let’s be united,” said Virginia Secretary Brian Moran.

So the report acknowledges that the city of Charlottesville was responsible for the violence due to messing with the permit and handling the situation wrong.

That is a huge deal.

The city of Charlottesville, led by the Jew Mayor Michael Signer and the Prehistoric Ape Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy – not to mention national politicians and the entire Jewish media complex – have continually blamed the right for the violence, even while everything that happened is on video.

This is the situation:

  • We had a permit.
  • The city was obligated to protect us.
  • The state sent in probably thousands of extra police and the National Guard.
  • Before the rally even started, our guys were forced out of Lee Park into crowds of Antifa and BLM that the police knew were violent and armed.
  • After forcing us into that, the police stood down, allowing violence to rage on the streets for hours.

I have not personally seen anything that any individual did wrong from our side, other than the crashing of the Dodge – and that was only after his car had been attacked with bats, and was probably the result of panic.

Whatever the case, as a group the right-wing did nothing wrong, whereas the city clearly planned to create this chaos. They wanted someone to die. They wanted a lot of people to die. You saw the way the “terrorism” narrative was rolled out by the Jewish Signer and his kinsmen in the fake news industrial complex.

I doubt that they will be exposed as doing this out of a conscious desire to create violence, but the state of Virginia simply acknowledging that they – and not us – were responsible for the way things went down is a massive win.

And yes, I understand that the lying Jew media is going to continue to talk about “the violent attack on Charlottesville planned by whitesupremacistneonaziracists – but now, we have the ability to respond to that by citing an official report stating that this is not true. And then, once again, the media is caught in a lie by anyone who witnesses it.

Every time the media is caught lying, their credibility goes down and ours goes up. That is an absolute.