Official Daily Stormer Statement on December 28th “March Against Communism” Event

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2017

On December 28th, Richard Spencer is scheduled to speak at a “March Against Communism” rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Daily Stormer is officially urging readers not to attend this event, and urging Richard Spencer to cancel attendance and urge his own people to do the same.

Primarily, we are concerned about the planning behind the event. Urging people to attend a purposefully provocative event with unknown planners who have openly called on people to bring guns to the event is, in our view, utterly irresponsible.

Whites are a minority in Charlotte.

The newly-elected Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, is a liberal Democrat who is aggressively moving to tear down Confederate monuments and was vocal in his denouncement of the Charlottesville rally.

The Charlotte Mayor, Jennifer Roberts, is a female liberal democrat.

The police chief, Kerr Putney, is not simply racially African, but is a literal black rights political activist.

This is going into extremely hostile territory.

I understand that the ostensible goal is agitation, and while I am not opposed in principle to purposeful agitation, I am opposed to any pro-White event with guns, and combining agitation in enemy territory with guns is completely insane.

Add in the element that I have never heard of “Anticom,” the group that is planning this event – based on their Twitter page, they appear to be a libertarian or ancap group and their website is still “under construction” – and it would be beyond the pale for me to not dissuade people from going to this event, let alone endorse it.

Guns at a Pro-White Rally

It is honestly deeply disturbing that I would even have to explain why an armed pro-white rally is a bad idea. But I will go ahead and give a detailed explanation anyway, as it is apparent that it is necessary.

Though I don’t view it as currently being an issue of primary importance, I understand the concept of wanting to demonstrate Second Amendment rights.

Libertarians and anarcho-capitalists have been pushing the idea of armed rallies for a long time. I am old enough to remember when the Jewish anarcho-capitalist Adam Kokesh went to jail (prison sentence suspended) for illegally carrying and loading a shotgun in Washington, DC, following a failed attempt to organize an armed march on the capital.

Ideological reasoning behind wanting to publicly demonstrate Second Amendment rights aside, we need to deal with the practical reality of our situation first, and respond with practical strategies and solutions.

The practical, on the ground reality is that the US government is presently looking for an excuse to get in a shootout with White Nationalists, to kill a bunch of our guys and declare the entire Alt-Right a domestic terrorist organization. You saw the response to the Charlottesville rally, after a man crashed his car after being attacked with bats and an obese woman had a heart attack. They claimed that this car crash was a “premeditated terrorist attack.”

That narrative fell apart and the media just went silent on it after it was found that the “victim,” Heather Heyer, was not hit be the car at all. Presumably other footage has been cataloged showing that the driver, James Fields, was being attacked before the crash which may lead to an effective legal defense that he was panicked and did not even intend to harm anyone.

But you saw the narrative they tried to roll out.

The Police Will Shoot You

Police are allowed to shoot at you if they feel threatened by you. And there is a 100% chance paramilitary police will break-up this rally in the same way that they broke up the Charlottesville rally. The National Guard will again be on standby.

People will get shot by the police when the rally is being dispersed. That is a virtual certainty. And it is almost assured that some of the attendees of the rally will shoot back.

The fact is, you are going to have war vets there, presumably some of them who have seen combat relatively recently, and when they hear shots they are going to respond, even if the event organizers have instructed them not to shoot back when the cops shoot at them. What you will then have is the military mowing down a significant portion of the rally’s attendance, if not all of it.

The Fallout Afterward

The crackdown following a police shootout event would be the crackdown we saw after Charlottesville times 1000. The Alt-Right would officially be declared a terrorist organization by Congress, and people across the country would be arrested and detained. It would be at least on the scale of the post-911 crackdown, with new laws being passed to allow illegal arrests and indefinite detainment. In fact, these laws are still on the books from post-911, and it would be easy to apply them to the Alt-Right following a bloodbath-type event.

What Would be Gained? 

I am of the belief that everything should be measured on a cost-benefit scale.

The cost of a rally as the one that is being talked about in Charlotte – we can be virtually certain – would be several or a lot of our guys dead and a total shutdown on a scale we can’t even begin to imagine.

What, if any, would be the benefit of this?

I am asking that question, and I invite the planners and scheduled speakers at this rally to answer that question.

Commentary by Our Friendly Neighborhood weev and the Anticom Reply

On this issue of this rally, weev penned a piece on his blog entitled “Richard Spencer Wants You to Go to a Rally With Guns (Please Don’t).”

I want to make it clear that I do not endorse or support weev’s negative characterization of Richard Spencer in this piece. I’m not going to outright condemn it, as he is simply giving an opinion, and he is not accusing Richard of being some type of secret agent – something that I would and do condemn in every situation (there is absolutely no excuse for throwing around accusations of being a fed or a secret Jew or whatever, everyone’s should simply be judged on their tactics and behavior, exclusively, short of documentary evidence of being a secret agent). But the assumptions regarding Richard’s personal motives were inappropriate and unhelpful. Richard has done a lot to help the movement, and I see no reason to believe he is in this for anything other than the betterment of the white race.

That said, all of weev’s points in the article with regards to the insanity of an armed rally are ones that I concur with 100%. I recommend reading the piece fully, as he gives a better analysis than me of the idiocy of this idea.

Following the publishing of weev’s article, the Anticom group – which appears to be completely anonymous, by the way – issued a statement on Twitter.

My response to that would be that even if they try to backtrack on this and say “oh well, we decided maybe we shouldn’t bring guns…” that the initial idiocy of advising people to bring guns to a white nationalist rally is so insane that it doesn’t matter what they say after that, these are not people you can trust to lead you into any type of serious situation.

I am not attacking this group or the people involved – I have no idea who they even are – I am just speaking frankly here, because this is not a game.

Obviously, this is exactly what a setup would look like – down to the letter – but that could be entirely coincidental. I have no idea, and don’t throw those types of accusations around.

Having Goals and Doing Things Correctly

Any event or political action at all should have planned goals. All potential eventualities should be considered (and prepared for). And a cost-benefit analysis should be performed.

When planning anything, you should consider those three things, and you should be able to come up with a rough math equation which tells you the percentage chance that you are going to achieve a goal and to what degree.

We are in “serious business” territory as a political movement at this point. The Charlottesville event and the fallout was the biggest historical event since the election of Donald Trump. This isn’t some game where random guys from Twitter who have a chatroom can be relied on to guide the direction we take this movement.

We need to have real leadership for real life events.

After Charlottesville, I certainly would not promote any rally that was not organized by someone I trust. Furthermore, I would not encourage attendance at any rally that did not have stated objectives, and a clear plan of how those objectives were to be accomplished.

Two Types of Rallies

We are in what is effectively the same position that the civil rights movement was in the in the 1960s, and we need to study their model of resistance.

There are two types of events:

  1. Events that are meant to go through with successful speakers and/or a successful march or other form of public demonstration, and
  2. Events that are meant to be shut down by the police and demonstrate to the public that we are subject to state oppression because of our politics

Any event that is planned as the first should also be able to function effectively as the second.

With Charlottesville, there was a virtual certainty, given the events leading up to the event in Lee Park, that the cops were going to declare unlawful assembly and attempt to disperse the crowd. This was the single most likely eventuality, by a huge margin. As such, everyone in attendance should have been told beforehand to be ready to refuse to leave the park, and to be ready to be arrested. The leaders of the rally, when the cops came in, should have been shouting at the men assembled there to hold their ground.

Instead, the organizers of the rally trusted the police, who told them they wouldn’t attempt to break-up the rally, and had no plan for when that happened. So everyone left the park when they were told to leave the park – this was just basic crowd psychology at work, as they had not been told before not to leave if they were told to leave – and chaos ensued. Now, we’ve got all of these bad optics, we’ve got this obese dead woman, we’ve given the media an easy narrative.

Conversely, if everyone had refused to leave the park, we would have had political oppression optics. Or, realizing that people were not going to leave the park, the police would have negotiated with the organizers and allowed the rally to go through as planned with police protection.

I am not trying to litigate Charlottesville here and I am certainly not trying to blame anyone for anything. I am just describing what happened and why it happened the way it happened and explaining how it could have happened differently.

The Next Big Rally

If I were planning the next big Alt-Right rally:

I would plan it in completely friendly territory – somewhere in the South in a white majority town with a sympathetic Republican city and state government.

I would plan on allowing the speakers to speak. But I would also be ready for all potential eventualities, and make certain that all attendees were fully informed about the various plans for various eventualities.

I would stage it around a monument to either Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.

I would ban all types of weapons, 100%, other than flagpoles and shields.

I would issue a strict dresscode of cleanliness, something that projects all Americanism.

I would focus on giving the presentation of American nationalism, so I would require the American flag to be used exclusively. The optics that we want to give off are those that imply that we are the true Americans defending the country against vicious anti-American forces. That is a very easy image to present, and it is an easy image to sell. Right now, normal white Americans are more than ready to rally around a force that is defending the values of this country, which is why the media is so obsessed with painting the Alt-Right as an “alien” type of ideology.

I would encourage speakers to focus on American nationalism as white identity and portray blacks, Jews and others as anti-American forces seeking to undermine our values and heritage as a people. Speakers should be aware that there will only be soundbytes heard by the masses, and they will be only the most inflammatory soundbytes, and so those inflammatory soundbytes should contain the words “America” and “freedom.” If they can fit them in, also “Our Founding Fathers,” “this great nation” and other sort of canned trigger terms associated with American patriotism. Link those to statements about “scheming Jews,” “disgusting queers” or “black savages,” so that the soundbytes played on television contain patriot triggers.


Obviously, all of this needs elaborated on. Apparently, none of it is obvious to those currently organizing on the ground.

I am not planning any rallies anytime soon, but I am beginning to organize an activist group which will be an outgrowth of the Stormer readership and will focus on establishing American nationalism as white identity. Initially, we will be staging media spectacle events to establish a real brand of racially-oriented and anti-Semitic nationalism.

We are in a stage of great importance, where we are moving off of the internet and into the real world, and the shutdown of so many of our outlets on the internet has played directly into that.

Right now, the majority of thinking or otherwise ideologically motivated young white males are already on our side. We accomplished that over the last four years. That part is finished. Right now, we need to get millions of normal white Americans to support us.

Currently, the Alt-Right brand is confusing to normal people. And that isn’t simply because the media made it confusing to normal people. There is a lot more we can do to make it clear that what this movement is about is the restoration of America as a white nation. And yes, our goals are more complicated than that. But the more complicated goals are already understood by the more complicated people. We are past developing ideas and we now need to sell these ideas to the masses and in order to sell these ideas to the masses we are going to have to market these ideas to the masses.

I am going to flesh this out in more detail as time allows, with some long position papers explaining the way we need to move forward.

For what it is worth, I never planned to be in the position of having to work through this stage of the process of revolution. What I had thought is that I could just do my outrageous and vulgar “GAS THE KIKES” Overton Window thing here on DS indefinitely, while others would move in to handle the real world aspect of this task at hand. But that hasn’t happened and I see no indicator that it will happen any time soon, so I’m going to step up and try to guide things until it does. I do not claim to be highly qualified for this, but it has become clear to me that I am the most qualified, as no one else is even beginning to formulate a plan of real world action – instead they’re organizing Wild Bunch style shootouts with the police.

To Conclude

I implore you, don’t go to Charlotte.

And I implore Richard Spencer to pullout of the event.

I fully understand that he accepted an invitation without perhaps thinking it through all the way, and clearly, there will be no shame in just saying “I’m going to wait for an event that makes more sense strategically.”

Spencer’s college events have been great, and I think more of those should be his focus. That is a totally safe environment (in relative terms) and it’s where all of his most memorable public moments have taken place. And sure, he should attend better planned rallies if they come up. But this one is a recipe for disaster, from top to bottom.

Finally, I just want to state once again and very clearly that I am not blaming anyone for Charlottesville, and I am not attacking anyone. I am not attacking the organizers of this rally. I am simply calling for a much more deliberate approach to strategy. I am of course – as always – entirely open to dialogue with anyone in the movement. The only thing I care about is winning.

We need to understand where we are right now.

If you wanted to, you could frame this as the single most important point in human history.

We need to think things through all the way and we need to act deliberately.

The future is ours to lose.

But we only get one shot at this.

Hail Victory.