Official Daily Stormer Position: Don’t Go to “Unite the Right 2” – We Disavow

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

The whole attempt to turn the Alt-Right – which was essentially a cultural movement – into a street protest movement was the result of baiting by the Jewish media.

And it turned out to be a fucking disaster.

There were certainly good aspects to Charlottesville, and as an event, it was historically necessary. But all subsequent events following it have been horrible cringefests where the people still willing to go out on the streets at these planned events are simply further alienating the people who were previously energetic about the movement, further pushing our ideology – which is naturally mainstream and populist – into the realm of the lunatic fringe.

Everyone knows that there will be violence. Everyone knows this looks horrible in the media, that we look like ruffians, that it doesn’t matter who starts the fight we get blamed for it.

And look – by simply going to these events, we ARE responsible for violence, because we know there will be violence there.

What is the goal of this activity?

No one can explain that.

I have asked and asked, and the only thing that the defenders of this shit give is hollow and rhetorical “we have to show strength!” “we will control the streets!”

They do not explain how it will advance any single goal. And I am not even clear on what the goals of these people are. Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party – the main street antagonists in between Charlottesville and Heimbach getting arrested for beating his father-in-law and wife after it was discovered he was sleeping with his mother-in-law – appeared to vaguely have the goal of overthrowing the government somehow.

By fighting the military? 

With this crew?

What the hell is this shit?

What are we even talking about?


You are not going to overthrow the government. That is kiddie shit to even talk about.

If you were going to overthrow the government, you would not do it by bringing out a few hundred guys on the street to throw a tantrum and fight antifa trannies.

There is no path from “a few hundred guys doing tantrum activism in the street while being outnumbered 5-to-1 and getting shouted down” to “rushing the Congress and seizing control of the government.”

This is just not the way reality works.

The only reasonable goal of a protest is to demonstrate popular support for a cause.

That is what the Tommy Robinson marches did. And that worked.

They have tens of thousands of people and a popular cause. Most people supported the basic cause of Tommy Robinson. While many people DO support whites maintaining a white society in America, no one supports neo-Nazi street-fighting.

Literally no one.

I think this shit is cringy as fuck and gay.

The armbands, man.


At least people who LARP DnD have some humor. And aren’t trying to hijack a popular political ideology and make it into a gigantic fucking circus show joke for the Jew media.

That is what these people are doing: making a massive joke of OUR revolution.

There will be a time for marches.

At some point, we will be out on the streets. That point is a long way off. That is going to be at a point where we can get as many people as Tommy got, which means that our issues have to be as popular as Tommy’s were.

Armband neo-Nazism is never going to be that popular. 

These people are putting on a circus show for the kikes, making a mockery of people who actually care about the future of the white race.

Yes, I get that Heimbach is out of the picture.

I’m talking about Heimbach’s thing, and he’s obviously not going to be at this march.

I don’t know who is. But I assume is has to be these same types of people. After Charlottesville, and the doxings, and the lawsuits, the Heimbach type is the only type who would turn out to something like this.

And of course young kids who are being taken advantage of by people like Heimbach.

Here’s the thing, kids.

I want you each to be personally successful. I want you to get good jobs, have good lives, find women, be healthy.

I don’t want you to ruin your life by showing your face at a post-Charlottesville rally.

Everything is different now. This isn’t the same as the little demonstrations we did before Charlottesville.

If you show up at this event, and you are identified, your life will be ruined. You won’t be able to get into a university or get a good job, you probably won’t be able to even get into a trade school or join a union.

You need to protect yourselves. You need to lay low. We need good, quality people involved in this thing if we are going to do what we want to do, and getting doxed as a neo-Nazi street fighter will ruin your life, forever. Forever. You don’t come back from that. Even if you are only a teenager, you are making a decision that have a very good chance of ruining your entire life.

Racial grievance marches are harmful to you, they are harmful to the movement, they are harmful to the long-term goals we have for our people.

Just don’t do it.

We have Stormer Books Clubs, where you can get together with other people who think like we do in real life. We protect each other, we maintain anonymity, we do activism that is safe, that doesn’t involve street-fighting. There are other groups doing things like this.

We cannot win a battle on the streets. We cannot win a protest movement organizational battle.

We are currently winning a culture war, and were long before the kike media tricked us into Charlottesville.

We need to remain in the realm of the hip, cool, sexy, fun. We need to speak to the culture. We do not want the image of being a bunch of weird losers who march around like assholes while completely outnumbered and get mocked by the entire planet.

That is exactly what you do not want. And basically, that is what the Alt-Right has become synonymous with post-Charlottesville.

I don’t even care anymore.

I want nothing to do with any of this faggot unironic “Neo-Nazi” streetfighting horseshit. It disgusts me – as it disgusts virtually everyone on the planet. It is fundamentally repulsive, on a visceral level.

Yes, I supported Charlottesville.

Just to be clear, I did support Charlottesville, and I am not trying to pretend as though I did not. Hindsight is 20/20. I don’t blame anyone for what happened there. None of us knew that the police were setting up a trap. None of us knew how many antifa would be there, and how the police would lead our guys into them.

I also didn’t understand that “neo-Nazism” would be a main theme of it. I thought we were going for a IE type look, rather than cringe.

To be fair, most guys did look bretty good.

But this Neo-Nazi shit man… you are not ever going to get anyone onboard with that. And it isn’t because “it’s too hardcore” – it’s because it’s cringy and try-hard fag shit.

These people are anti-social freaks. In the above picture, the guy on the right, “Commander” Jeff Hall, was murdered in his sleep by his 10-year-old son.

I want nothing to do with any of this shit.

But yeah, Charlottesville: I personally thought we would be able to give a few speeches in a park, show that yes, we are a real life movement, then go home.

Oh how young I was. 

The purpose would have been simply to demonstrate that the Alt-Right is a real movement of real people. That was a clear, unambiguous purpose.

These post-Charlottesville marches have no purpose, other than to make anyone who supports white self-determination look like a fringe lunatic.

They are horribly destructive, and they need to stop.

I fully denounce this upcoming march in Washington, and encourage all of my readers to stay all the way away from it.

There is no imminent street-fighting revolution where we rally the troops to fight the military then do day of the rope. If you thought there was, that’s sad and I’m sorry for you. It must be like learning that Santa isn’t real.

But that is the reality.