Off the Goop: Fauci Claims “I am Science”

Anthony Fauci, the Lord and Master of Reality Itself, went full 2Pac this week, slamming his detractors with virulence and claiming that any attack on him is an attack on science itself.

Fauci, who maintains total control of America and by proxy the entire Western world under a brutal Virus Regime, has been getting a lot of flak for doing secret mutant experiments in China and elsewhere. However, he can do whatever he wants, because he is the Ultimate Master.

Appearing with the creepy-ass Jew Chuck Todd, Fauci got aggressive, and proclaimed that any attack on him is an attack on science itself.

“So if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you are really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci – you are attacking science,” the minuscule and goblinlike shaper of reality declared with seething hatred.

Fauci should have simply said it outright: “I AM SCIENCE.”

The pure and sacred arbiter of truth and high priest of the fundamental nature of reality added that if Rand Paul doesn’t “say my name one more time” he is going to “spray his mama’s house” – apparently threatening to kill Rand Paul’s mother in a drive-by shooting.

I’m just joking, he didn’t say that. But there was an underlying hostility, and a sort of threatening tone to the whole interview.

Here’s the full interview, where Fauci several different times condemns all who would dare question him:

By claiming that he is the embodiment of science itself, Fauci becomes invincible (as if he wasn’t already).

People want to put Fauci in jail? You can’t jail science.

Science is everywhere. It’s everything. Science is how we discovered black holes and how to fix people whose souls were born in the wrong bodies.

If you think it is bizarre that Fauci first told everyone they didn’t need to wear a mask, then completely changed his position, then said he was originally lying to the public about the effectiveness of masks because he was afraid of a shortage – you’re anti-science.

If you disagree with Fauci saying that he lied about herd immunity to encourage people to get vaccinated – you are anti-science.

If you think Anthony Fauci shouldn’t have lied under oath about gain-of-function research – you are anti-science.

If you think it’s weird or gross or satanic that Fauci took the scalps off of aborted babies and grew them on rats – you are anti-science.

If you are wondering why Fauci took direct orders from Bill Gates as to how to conduct the lockdown – you are anti-science.

All criticism bounces off him like water under a bridge. He is a pillar of sanctimony.

The time is now to create laws that cockblock people from being against science, so that thereby it will be illegal to criticize Anthony Fauci. People die when Fauci is criticized.

  • Science is keeping the earth alive.
  • Science is changing the weather to keep everyone from burning alive as soon as they walk out the front door.
  • Science is creating an endless stream of vaccines to prevent the ever-growing threat of the deadly coronavirus.
  • Science revealed the mystery of transsexualism, whereby a person’s soul can be born in the wrong body.
  • Science solved the problem of misplaced souls by developing a process of hormonal injections and genital reconstruction.

Science is our lord and savior, and it is by science that we will triumph over the scourge of the coronavirus and the equally threatening scourge of all of these souls being born in the wrong bodies.

The scientific phenomenon of “soul misplacement” is rising by the hour.

Between 2015 and 2017, the number of misplaced souls nearly doubled.

Only science can solve this problem.

Only science can prevent the weather from getting so hot you have constant swamp-ass.

Only science can invent daily vaccines to prevent you dying from the deadly coronavirus.

There is no science but science, and Fauci is its messenger.

That is why there is so much Fauci fan art.

That’s why he’s on cupcakes.

Those aren’t Fauci cupcakes – they’re science cupcakes.

He is the icon of a generation of people – a generation defined by trying to avoid getting infected with a deadly virus.