Of Course You’re Going to End Up with Women Purposefully Smashing Mexican Children with Their Cars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2019

We’re all being told we’re racist and pure evil. But we’re also being told that we have to accept infinity amounts of the people we are told we hate into our society.

So of course women are going to start running over Mexican children with their cars.

How could you expect that to not happen?

CBS News:

An Iowa woman who told police she intentionally ran over a teenager because she believed the girl was Mexican has been charged with another hit-and-run crash that hurt a 12-year-old boy. Nicole Franklin, who also goes by the name Nicole Poole, was charged Monday by Des Moines police with attempted murder in connection with a December 9 crash that occurred less than an hour before another crash in suburban Clive.

In the latest charge, Franklin was accused of leaving a roadway, travelling onto a sidewalk and hitting a 12-year-old boy in an apartment complex in Des Moines. The boy suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses to the crash told police that the vehicle accelerated prior to the crash, drove onto the sidewalk and hit the boy, CBS Des Moines affiliate KCCI reported.

Des Moines police Sergeant Paul Parizek told KCCI did not discuss her motive for hitting the 12-year-old with investigators.

In the other incident, Franklin was charged with attempted murder after a sport utility vehicle hit a 14-year-old who was walking to school to watch a basketball game. The girl suffered a concussion and severe bruising and was hospitalized for two days.

Franklin made derogatory statements about Latinos during a police interview in which she admitted intentionally running over the teenager.

Separately, Franklin was charged Sunday with assault in violation of individual rights and with operating under the influence, second offense. Those charges came after Franklin allegedly went to a convenience store where she threw items at a clerk and directed racial epithets at him and customers.

On Sunday, Domingo Garcia, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, called for a hate crime charge against Franklin in the attack on the girl.

Joe Henry, who is president of the group’s Des Moines branch, echoed Garcia’s call and told The Des Moines Register that it would be wrong if prosecutors did not charge her with a hate crime.

How can you put people into this completely unprecedented situation of multiculturalism, and expect that no one is going to snap?

What is incredible is how few people end up snapping.

I guess it’s the drugs everyone is on that keeps them from snapping. And the porno.

Otherwise, people running over Mexican children with their cars would happen several times per day.

Every time in all of human history when different racial and cultural populations have been forced to live amongst one another, it has led to mass violence.

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