Of Course the Jews are Now Just Trying to Abolish Christmas Completely

The Vaginal Monster in charge of the Jewish war on Christmas

This is a war on God.

If you haven’t figured that out yet, you don’t really know anything at all. Anything you think you know is just an illusion.

Sydney Morning Herald:

The European Commission on Tuesday (Wednesday AEDT) retracted internal communication guidelines that had proposed substituting the “Christmas period” with “holiday period” after an outcry by conservatives and the Vatican, which termed the document an attempt to “cancel” Europe’s Christian roots.

The European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, said the draft document had been intended to highlight European diversity and showcase the “inclusive nature of the European Commission”.

But in a statement, she said it didn’t meet Commission standards and failed to achieve its stated purpose.

“The guidelines clearly need more work,” she said, adding that a revised document would take into account concerns that had been raised.

Italian conservatives had voiced outrage about the document, claiming among other things that it was “cancelling Christmas.”

Even the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin intervened with an unusually sharp critique in a video Tuesday on the Vatican News portal.

Have you seen the trailer for this latest kike movie attacking Christmas?

Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen.


Jews who hate Jesus and hate you because you believe in Jesus.

I’m so tired of the Jews.

I’m just exhausted by them.

All I wanted was a quiet life.

I didn’t want to hate anyone.

But it is so hard to be a Saint in the City.

We pray our Baby Jesus give us patience.

And our patience is bolstered by the knowledge that when Our Lord returns, He will not come as a baby, but as a warrior, with an army behind Him.

With every move these Jews make, the Sword of Saint Michael gets thirstier.

Our God will give it an ocean of blood to drink.