Of Course the Democrats are Defending a Guy Who Did Anal on Small Boys

It might seem kind of weird that the left is going all in on defending a man who literally anally raped boys aged 9 to 11.

But it’s really not that weird. It’s to be expected. I am frankly surprised it took them this long to venerate a Jewish pederast. Although to be fair, they venerated the Jewish pederast Alan Ginsberg.

Jews are bad news, folks.

Honestly, as offensive as those tweets defending this Jewish pederast are, Dinesh D’Souza’s “this Jew boy rapist is the real racist” tweet was more offensive to me.

He’s been doing different versions of this tweet for like a year.

Filthy Paki scum…

But yeah – you’re going to find a lot of pedophiles and furries and everything else sick in the Antifa movement, as this is their motivation for their agenda: they want to do sick sexual things without society judging them. The elite are pretty much openly telling perverts that if they fight for them, they will be able to do whatever sick sexual things they want, including pederasty.

This whole situation happening now where all of these conservatives are spamming that Rosenbaum sodomized little boys and leftists are talking about what a noble hero he is – it’s basically an advertising campaign. The left is saying “if you like boy anus, get on board with us, and we will cover it up and say you’re a hero.”

It’s a bit like when Scar recruited the hyenas in The Lion King. Just watch this and imagine Klaus Schwab recruiting Jew boy rapists to his cause.

Man, that song is so good. Just try to imagine that the same company that made The Lion King made Rise of Skywalker. That fact is on par with boy rape.