Of Course It is Racist to Mention the Population Growth Rate of Africa

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2015

Björn Höcke: The new fascism wears a smile and talks about Blacks having 15 kids as if it's not good.
Björn Höcke: The new fascism wears a smile and talks about Blacks having 15 kids as if it’s not good.

Easy way to know if a statement is racist:

Are you White?

Is the statement about non-Whites?

Does the statement contain a negative idea?

If the answer to any two of those three questions is “yes,” it’s racist.

So of course, referencing African population growth is probably going to be racist in any context.


Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party has rebuked one of its regional figures for remarks nearing on racism. Björn Höcke’s praise for France’s far-right National Front was also rejected by some party leaders.

AfD co-leader Jörg Meuthen on Monday said remarks made by Höcke on 21 November – as Germany debated refugee arrivals – amounted to “contextual and political stupidity.”

Höcke, who heads the AfD in Thuringia state, had spoken during a lecture about Africa’s reproduction rates, apparently claiming that Europe’s willingness to accept refugees would drive continued overpopulation. Höcke referred to an “African life-affirming propagation type” and an overpopulation of Africa. “As long as we are prepared to take on this population surplus, Africans’ reproductive habits will not change,” Höcke had said.

Meuthen, reacting after the AfD executive held a telephone conference on Sunday, said Höcke’s formulation was “factually nonsensical, lacked any scientific substance, and invited misinterpretation as an almost racist statement.”

This is the “right-wing” party of Jewmany, by the way. Let’s you know where these cucks are at.


The only way it is potentially okay to talk about African population growth is in the context of global warming. However, you must also imply that the solution is for Whites to stop having babies to make more room for infinity Blacks.

It is evil to imply there could ever be too many Blacks.

There is only one solution to global racism: