Of Course Dylann Roof Should be Allowed to Vote

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2019

Breitbart is going full in on Donald Trump’s drooling gibberish about rising socialism threatening to turn America red.

For some reason Bernie Sanders said he was going to allow convicted felons to vote from prison.

But Breitbart responded by 15 of the scariest characters who are in prison and so would be able to vote under this plan.

They listed both Dylann Roof and James Fields. Plus a bunch of other white people.

Because we wouldn’t want to have a discussion about the actual fact that Bernie’s reasoning is probably related to the demographics of the prison population, not specific individuals.

It would be really racist for Breitbart to say “Bernie just wants a bunch of blacks and Mexicans to get their voting rights back, because he knows they consistently vote Democrat.”

Because it would be totally racist to point out that this is obviously what he is doing, and racism is pure evil.

And this has nothing to do with race anyway, right Breitbart?

It’s about ideas.

And the true threat is not a bunch of violent brown people overrunning the country – that is so 2016.

Now the threat is SOCIALISM.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to make you live like the AMISH!

And that is both SEXIST and HOMOPHOBIC!

Because Democrats are the real RACISTS, the real SEXISTS and the real HOMOPHOBES!

Democrats are the real ones trying to restrict access of hormone replacement therapy to to preteen transgenders!