Of 127 Corporations That Pushed to Block Trump Refugee Ban, 60 of Them are Run by Jews

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2017

There is no question that the Executive office has full legal and constitutional authority to ban immigration from any country it deems fit. There are countless precedents by previous administrations even after the (((1965 Immigration Act))) (like Obama’s ban on Cubans). That didn’t stop the 9th Circuit illegitimate court in San Francisco from ruling to lock the ban, formulating an absurd legal precedent that asserts that all 7 billion people in the world are not just entitled to come to the United States regardless of national interest, but are even fully entitled to the protections of our Constitution. Using this logic, the raid on Osama Bin Laden was illegal because he wasn’t given a chance to surrender or read his Miranda Rights.

This legal ruling, especially the original cuck Robart one that the 9th Circuit reaffirmed, is without a shadow of a doubt the product of institutional corruption by so-called judges that reveals the sheer extent of decay in our judicial branch. While the American people support Trump’s policy, and expressed this will at the ballot box last November, Jews and other financial elite have used their money and clout to undermine our democracy and put our citizens in danger.

They want to racially replace whites and abuse H1-B visas for profit, and if America becomes a Mexico or India style violent, dysfunctional brown feudal state in the process, so be it.

Conservatives constantly talk about the 21st century tech industry as “liberal” – acting as if it is some amorphous, faceless blob of “social justice.” But the unpopular politics of the largely software-focused (compared to the largely white Gentile propelled golden age of computer innovation between 1985-2000) Silicon Shtetl is new, a product of the great influx of Jews and to a lesser extent Indians who make money off endeavors like stealing your private information and re-selling it, collecting your money while taking a steep cut, and other parasitical “middle man” operations looking to cut corners instead of contribute. There’s a reason why the Occident has always spit upon the merchant class.

Now this coalition of Jews and plutocrats is flexing its muscle after its puppet candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated.

The February 5th amicus brief filed in opposition to Trump’s rapeugee ban was signed by 127 corporations, along with major Jewish advocacy groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

Jews are 2% of the American population, yet control 60 of the 127 companies that coordinated to block Trump’s Executive Order.

Note that my research into this matter is actually an under count. I only categorized corporations with Jews in major positions (CEO, CFO, COO, Senior VP – the types that show up on Bloomberg lead executive lists) as Jew-controlled. If I were to include lead marketers, counsel, top board members, major shareholders etc., it would be close to 100%.

One last caveat: there are a number of cases of CEO’s who are probably Jewish, but I could not verify so they are not counted. Someone like Artur Bergman is very likely a Jew, but not included, for example. A less exacting estimate could be up to 75 of the 127 being run by Jews.

If you have any information on any of these people or companies listed as run by Gentiles being actually run by Jews, leave a comment and I will fix it.

1) Adroll, Inc. (((Aaron Bell))), CEO. Jewish.

2) Aeris Communications, Inc. CEO Marc Jones, a black guy who heavily abuses the Indian and Middle Eastern H1b visa system.

3) Airbnb, Inc. (((Brian Chesky))), (((Nathan Blecharczyk))), etc. Jewish.

4) AltSchool. Run by two Gentiles, Max Ventilla and Coddy Johnson. Gentiles.

5) Ancestry.com, LLC. (((Howard Hochhauser))) CFO/COO. Give these people your DNA or family tree information at your own risk.

6) AppBoy, Inc. (((Mark Ghermezian))), son of billionaire Iranian-Jewish family.

7) Apple Inc. Largely Gentile controlled.

8) AppNexus, Inc. (((Mark Rubenstein))), President. Jewish.

9) Asana, Inc. (((Dustin Moskovitz))) and (((Justin Rosenstein))). Jewish.

10) Atlassian Corp Plc. Apparently neither Mike Cannon-Brookes nor Scott Furquhar are Jewish.

11) Autodesk, Inc. (((Carl Bass))) was CEO when this amicus brief was filed. Jewish.

12) Automattic Inc. Matt Mullenweg. Gentile.

13) Box, Inc. (((Aaron Levie))), CEO. Jewish.

14) Brightcove Inc. (((David Mendels))) CEO. Jewish.

15) Brit + Co. Brit Morin, CEO. Likely Gentile.

16) CareZone Inc. (((Jonathan Schwartz))), CEO. Jewish.

17) Castlight Health. Giovanni Colella, CEO. Gentile.

18) Checkr, Inc. Daniel Yanisse and Jonathan Perichon are possibly Jewish, but no hard evidence. Inconclusive.

19) Chobani, LLC. Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO. Turk selling “Greek” Yogurt.

20) Citrix Systems, Inc. (((Kirill Tatarinov))), CEO. Jewish.

21) Cloudera, Inc. Christophe Bisciglia, CEO. Gentile.

22. Cloudflare, Inc. Matthew Prince, CEO. Gentile.

23. Copia Institute. Komal Ahmad, CEO. Arab Gentile.

24. DocuSign, Inc. (((Dan Springer))), CEO. Jew.

25. DoorDash, Inc. Tony Xu, CEO. non-Jew

26. Dropbox, Inc. Drew Houston, CEO. Listed as a Jew on a number of websites, but without evidence, so this one is inconclusive.

27. Dynatrace LLC. John Van Siclen, CEO. Gentile

28. eBay Inc. (((Devin Norse Wenig))), either a Jew by blood or by “conversion.”

29. Engine Advocacy. Evan Engstrom is apparently a gentile, but his number two (((Monica Laufer))) is a hardcore Jew with her own Bat Mitzvah listing. Jewish.

30. Etsy Inc. Chad Dickerson, CEO. Gentile.

31. Facebook, Inc. (((Mark Zuckerberg))). Jewish.

32. Fastly, Inc. Artur Bergman, probably a Jew, but may also be European. Inconclusive.

33. Flipboard, Inc. Mike McCue, CEO. Gentile.

34. Foursquare Labs, Inc. (((Jeff Glueck))), CEO. Jewish.

35. Fuze, Inc. Steven Kokinos, CEO. Gentile.

36. General Assembly. (((Jake Schwartz))), CEO. Jewish.

37. GitHub. Chris Wanstrath, CEO. Gentile.

38. Glassdoor, Inc. Robert Hohman, CEO. Gentile.

39. Google Inc. Alphabet Inc is run by (((Eric Schmidt))), (((Sergey Brin))), and (((Larry Page))), all Jews.

40. GoPro, Inc. Nicholas Woodman, CEO. Gentile.

41. Harmonic Inc. Patrick Harshman might be half-Jewish, but Senior VP (((Shahar Bar))) and General Manager (((Nimrod Ben-Natan))) are bona fide Israeli Jews. Jewish.

42. Hipmunk, Inc. (((Adam Goldstein))), CEO. Jewish.

43. Indiegogo, Inc. Indiegogo is a great platform if you’re raising money to bail out violent anarchists, but no normal people are allowed to use it. Figures, it’s CEO is (((Dave Mandelbrot))), and most important figure is the Jew (((Slava Rubin))). Jewish.

44. Intel Corporation. Brian Krzanich, CEO. Possibly not Jewish, but Intel is renown for being filled to the brim with Jews. Inconclusive.

45. JAND, Inc. d/b/a Warby Parker. (((Neil Blumenthal))), founder and CEO. Jewish.

46. Kargo Global, Inc. (((Harry Kargman))), CEO. Jew husband of Jill Kargman.

47. Kickstarter, PBC. (((Yancey Strickler))) and (((Charles Adler))). Jewish.

48. KIND, LLC. (((Daniel Lubetzky))), CEO. A Jew from Mexico.

49. Knotel. Amol Sarva, CEO. Indian Gentile.

50. Levi Strauss & Co. Chip Bergh, CEO, appears to be a Gentile. Senior VP (((Seth Ellison))), (((Marc Rosen))), and (((Seth Jaffe))) on the other hand, are part of the tribe. Jewish.

51. LinkedIn Corporation. (((Jeff Weiner))), CEO. Jewish.

52. Lithium Technologies, Inc. (((Robert Tarkoff))), CEO. Jewish.

53. Lyft, Inc. (((Logan Green))), CEO. Jewish.

54. Mapbox, Inc. Eric Gundersen and Tom MacWright. Gentiles.

55. Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart. Apporva Mehta, CEO. Gentile.

56. Marin Software Incorporated. (((Chris Lien))), CEO. Jewish.

57. Medallia, Inc. Borg Hald, CEO. Gentile.

58. A Medium Corporation. Evan Williams, CEO, Gentile.

59. Meetup, Inc. Scott Heiferman, CEO. Probably a Gentile.

60. Microsoft Corporation. Run and owned by Gentiles, although Judson Althoff is likely a Jew. Inconclusive.

61. Motivate International Inc. (((Jay Walder))), CEO. Jewish.

62. Mozilla Corporation. Chris Beard, CEO. Gentile.

63. Netflix, Inc. Reed Hastings, CEO. Gentile.

64. NETGEAR, Inc. Patric Lo, CEO. Gentile.

65. NewsCred, Inc. Shafqat Islam, CEO. Gentile.

66. Patreon, Inc. Mostly hipster Gentiles.

67. PayPal Holdings, Inc. Peter Thiel, a Trump supporter, is one of the founders of PayPal, but it’s current reigning CEO is the Jew (((Daniel Schulman))), which explains why white people with a different opinion aren’t allowed on the public utility/monopoly. Jewish.

68. Pinterest, Inc. (((Ben Silberman))), CEO. Jewish.

69. Quora, Inc. Adam D’Angelo is probably maternally Jewish, but not certain. Quora Senior Business Executive, (((Marc Bodnick))), is a Jew. Jewish.

70. Reddit, Inc. Was purchased by Advance Publications, which is run by Jews. Free speech and principles had a price for the platform’s idealistic founders.

71. Rocket Fuel Inc. Run by Gentiles.

72. SaaStr Inc. (((Jason Lemkin))), CEO. Jewish.

73. Salesforce.com, Inc. (((Marc Benioff))), Chairman and CEO. Jewish.

74. Scopely, Inc. Walter Driver, probably a Gentile. Co-founder and CSO is (((Eytan Elbaz))), Jewish.

75. Shutterstock, Inc. (((Jon Oringer))), CEO. Jewish.

76. Snap Inc. (((Evan Spiegel))), CEO. Jewish.

77. Spokeo, Inc. Harrison Tang is a Gentile, but (((Yevgeny Goldenberg))) who is CRO and VP is a Jew.

78. Spotify USA Inc. CEO is Daniel Ek, apparently a Swedish Gentile.

79. Square, Inc. Jack Dorsey, CEO. Gentile.

80. Squarespace, Inc. Anthony Casalena, CEO, is a Gentile. (((Jesse Hertzberg))), COO, is a Jew.

81. Strava, Inc. Its President Michael Horvath is almost certainly a Jew, but hard evidence is unavailable. Due to the high editorial standard, mark this down as inconclusive.

82. Stripe, Inc. Patrick Collison, CEO. Gentile.

83. SurveyMonkey Inc. (((Alexander Lurie))), CEO. Jewish.

84. TaskRabbit, Inc. Run by Gentiles.

85. Tech:NYC. (((Shana Fisher))), managing partner of HLVP, is a Jew.

86. Thumbtack, Inc. Marco Zappacosta, CEO, is a Gentile, but his partners and co-founders are probably Jewish (Sander Daniels, etc). Nevertheless, there is not enough information, so inconclusive.

87. Turn Inc. Run by Gentiles.

88. Twilio Inc. Run by Gentiles.

89. Twitter Inc. Run by Gentiles.

90. Uber Technologies, Inc. (((Travis C. Kalanick))), CEO. Jewish.

91. Via. (((Daniel Ramot))), CEO. Israeli Jew.

92. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Top executives are Gentiles.

93. Workday. Aneel Bhusri, CEO. Gentile.

94. Y Combinator Management, LLC. (((Sam Altman))), CEO. Jewish.

95. Yelp Inc. (((Jeremy Stoppelman))), CEO. Jewish.

96. Zynga Inc. Frank Gibeau is probably a Gentile. COO (((Matt Bromberg))) is Jewish.

ADDED Feb. 6, 2017

97. Adobe Systems Inc. Run largely by Gentiles.

98. Affirm, Inc. (((Max Roth Levchin))), CEO. Jewish.

99. Ampush LLC. Run by Gentiles.

100. Brocade Communications Systems Inc. Run by Gentiles.

101. Bungie, Inc. Run by Gentiles.

102. Casper Sleep, Inc. (((Philip Krim))), CEO. Jewish.

103. Cavium, Inc. Run by Gentiles.

104. Chegg, Inc. (((Dan Rosensweig))), CEO. Jewish.

105. ClassPass Inc. Mostly Gentile.

106. Coursera. (((Rick Levin))), CEO. Jewish.

107. EquityZen Inc. Run by Gentiles.

108. Evernote. Run by Gentiles.

109. Gusto. Joshua Reeves, CEO, may be Jewish. Inconclusive.

110. Handy Technologies, Inc. Run by Gentiles.

111. HP Inc. It’s CEO, Dion Joseph Weisler, is almost certainly a Jew. Not 100%, so inconclusive.

112. IAC/InterActive Corp. (((Joey Levin))), CEO. Jewish.

113. Linden Lab. May be Jewish, but also possibly German. Inconclusive.

114. Managed by Q Inc. (((M.G. Siegler))), Jewish.

115. MobileIron . (((Barry Mainz))), CEO. Jewish.

116. New Relic, Inc. (((Mark Sachleben))), CFO. Jewish.

117. Pandora Media, Inc. (((David Herbitz))), Executive VP. Jewish.

118. Planet Labs Inc. Run by Gentiles.

119. RPX Corporation. Run by Gentiles.

120. Shift Technologies, Inc. Gentile run.

121. Slack Technologies, Inc. Run by Gentiles.

122. SpaceX. Run by Gentiles.

123. Tesla, Inc. Run by Gentiles.

124. TripAdvisor, Inc. (((Stephen Kaufer))), CEO. Jewish.

125. Udacity, Inc. run by Gentiles.

126. Zendesk, Inc. Run by gentiles

127. Zenefits. (((David O. Sacks))), CEO. Jewish.

There’s a fundamental pattern here that President Trump must begin to take into account. The fact that major Jewish organizations led this charge is enough evidence to conclude that Jews are planning these legal attacks on the will of the American people.

Next time you hear someone call Silicon Valley Jews (many who are proud Israeli dual citizens) “hu-whyte guilted liberals,” correct the record. Behind every fat, neckbearded cuck in clapping birkenstocks TED-talking at a Palo Alto globalist summit is a malevolent racial alien with a plan to destroy us.