Odious Jews of the SPLC Announced New “Shut It Down” Campaign 3 Days Before Synagogue Shooting

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

In yet another of the rapidly stacking strange coincidences surrounding Saturday’s Jewish shoot-up, we have found that the SPLC launched a new campaign calling for censorship of anyone who criticizes the Jews or their diabolical agenda just three days before the event.

The campaign is called “Change the Terms,” in reference to the terms of service of various social media platforms. These platforms have all included far-reaching speech restrictions in response to Jewish whining over the last 3 years, and Twitter recently went so far as to ban “dehumanizing language” in response to the NPC meme. But clearly, this clampdown simply isn’t enough for the Jews.

The social media companies should have known better. They should have known that agreeing to any type of shutdown was simply blood in the water for blood-drinking Jewish parasites. The Jews are a fundamentally evil race of swindlers and any capitulation to their abhorrent and outrageous demands from you can only result in further demands being made against you.

But oh how convenient this shooting was indeed. 

Also, the day before the shooting, Trump had just demanded Twitter let off of the censorship – which is obviously and objectively election-meddling.

There has been pushback all over against this thought-control grid, which allows bluecheck Jews to openly call for the murder of white people while saying that white people are not even allowed to say that George Soros is a bad person.

This situation would be funny if it were not so damaging to human society.

And it is now clear that even if all these coincidences surrounding the shooting are just coincidences somehow, the Jews are actively trying to incite violence by creating the conditions for it.

They want people to get so frustrated and angry that they feel they have no choice but to lash out, and then they want to continue blaming the victim and collectively disempower white people based on the claim that all white people are guilty for the crimes of any single white person.

This is of course while they tell us that we cannot judge them, the Jews. Or any of their brown pets based on crime or welfare statistics – because that is pure hatred of the color of the skin. Also while they tell us that an attack on George Soros is an attack on all Jews.

Also while telling us that people are born homosexual but can choose their gender.

Also while telling us to respect women while importing millions of Moslems and attempting to force-implement Islamic law.

Also while doing everything else they do.

Let them mine the pity well one last time following this shooting… I believe that they might well find it empty.