Occupational Government Ape Susan Rice Sends Warning to Russian Humans: Do Not Send Tanks into Kiev

Daily Stormer
February 24, 2014

The Occupational Ape Government of America has issued a dire warning to the human rulers of the Russian Empire.
The Occupational Ape Government of America has issued a dire warning to the human rulers of the Russian Empire.

The Planet of the Apes occupational government official Susan Rice, who serves as National Security advisor to Barack “Caesar” Obama, has sent a bone-chilling message to Putin and the other humans in Russia that they’d “bes not be sennen dem tanks up at dat Ukraine, cragga – cuz we bee laid dat smagg on yo azz.”

The humans in Moscow has responded by stating that a warning against unwarranted military invasion is appropriate, but that they should be warning themselves.

From RT:

We have noted the expert assessment of Susan Rice based on multiple cases when American troops were sent to various places of the word, especially those where the US administration believed the norms of Western democracy were in danger, or where the local regimes were getting out of hand, a Russian Foreign Ministry source told news agencies on Monday.

The source added that, “We expect that national security adviser would be giving to the US leadership the same advice on the mistaken path of the use of force if it decides to conduct a new intervention.”

The veiled reproach comes after a Sunday interview, in which Susan Rice said bluntly that sending troops to restore ousted President Yanukovich’s leadership in Kiev “would be a grave mistake” on the part of Russia.

Rice did not elaborate on why she believed Moscow would even consider using military force to help Yanukovich. During the three months of confrontation in Ukraine, Western officials flocked to the country in support of the opposition crowd. Russia, meanwhile, distanced itself from the situation and only criticized the West for what Moscow considered blatant meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

The position of some of our Western partners doesn’t show genuine concern, but a desire to act out of geopolitical self-interest,” said a statement on the Russian foreign ministry’s website.

Following the ouster of President Yanukovich, Moscow has not changed its stance nor voiced any support for him. It only criticized the opposition for not keeping its word and breaking a West-sponsored reconciliation agreement, which it signed with Yanukovich.

Moscow wants to see somebody in Kiev who would have the authority and power to implement whatever agreements the countries may negotiate, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stressed on Monday.

“Frankly, the legitimacy of many governmental bodies is in doubt there,” he said. “Treating masked men armed with Kalashnikov rifles, who are now circling Kiev, as a government – we would find it difficult working with such a government.”

Don’t you love the frankness of these Slavs?  It is like they are responding, very seriously, to a whining toddler.

Dr. Zira pictured with Caeser.
Dr. Zira pictured with Caesar.
Oh, America.
Oh, America.

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