Obese Bucktoothed Gorilla to Teach Stupid White People the Appropriate Way to be White

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2018

The university that hired this thing to teach a course costs $50K per year just for the tuition

Kikes really fucked-up America, didn’t they?

I can’t even understand how any human being could even pretend this filthy animal is one of them, let alone that it can “teach” them anything.

Campus Reform:

 Hampshire College is offering a course this semester exploring how to respond to white supremacy in the “Age of Trump.”

The course description for “White Supremacy and Appropriate Whiteness in the Age of Trump”poses questions such as whether “white supremacy is a permanent feature of modern society” and how to “appropriately respond to its ideology and political power in the Age of Trump.”

That sounds like a great skillset to get in exchange for decades of debt.

The description elaborates that the class will “research and discuss the relationship between white supremacy and white privilege, and explore how to build a human rights movement to counter the white supremacist movement in the U.S.”

White Supremacy is so dangerous and powerful that this thing can make more money than most White people doing a job it can’t probably even spell!

We must defeat it immediately!

Going to college in America is the most expensive lobotomy in the world

The goal of the class, according to the course description, is to learn how to counter white supremacy and “understand the range of possible responses to white supremacy, both its legal and extralegal forms.”

By “extralegal forms” it means riots, which we have to admit, is the only thing niggers do better than us other than running slightly faster.

The course will be taught by Loretta Ross, a visiting assistant professor at Hampshire College who last year was embroiled in controversy after claiming that “abortion, like childbirth, can be a joyful experience when achieving reproductive justice through human rights.”

Fun fact: there are actual women who throw parties to celebrate killing babies in their wombs.

Earlier this year, Ross shared an article on Twitter along with her own commentary, arguing that “Faculty trained to speak about systems of oppression should not be required to be neutral in the classroom (opinion).”

The only system of oppression in the Western world right now is the one where kikes steal White people’s resources and technology and use them to feed worthless monkeys like you.

Universities are a strictly European concept, and to have these subhumans who, over eons of existence, couldn’t even invent the wheel, agriculture or writing come in and pretend they have anything even vaguely important to say disgusts me.

Colleges in the Western world today are strictly Jewish indoctrination camps and nothing more, and the further away you are from them, the better.