Obese Blob Michael Moore Lashes Out Against Mumbling and Confused Geriatric Robert Mueller

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2019

The Democrats are not having a fun time after it was revealed that their grand wizard is a senile old dodderer who wasn’t even personally aware of the most basic aspects of the Russian hoax.

The bulbous fat slob Michael Moore came out and condemned Mueller and all those who supported him for making the entire left wing look like a bunch of kooks.

This is elderly abuse.

If Michael Moore wants to talk shit, he should challenge Robert Mueller to a fight and allow Americans to finally answer the question: who is more weak and pathetic – the elderly and infirm, or the morbidly obese?

My money is on Mueller, given that he is probably less likely to have a heart attack as soon as the crowd starts roaring at the octagon.

Trump tipped his fedora to the fat piece of shit.

Truly, this was a fantastic win for Trump.

I have no idea why the Democrats allowed braindead Mueller to be rolled out like this. I guess it was just so Jerrold Nadler, the kike with the face of a child rapist, could get his soundbites about how Mueller failed to exonerate Trump. Because the kike knows that the goyim are too stupid to know that no prosecutor ever exonerates anyone, given that in America, there is a presumption of innocence.

But that soundbite is being drowned out by the fact that Mueller didn’t even know where he was, and it became obvious to the whole world that he was not running any investigations, as the droopy-eyed geriatric would be hard-pressed to run his own morning schedule of daytime TV without assistance using the controller.

Nancy and the gang had a very hard time explaining what the fuck had just happened in their press conference after Wednesday’s gross debacle.

She also had a frightening series of senior moments, as is her pattern.

She went up there with some kind of chart and rambled about spending, then said she’d impeach, maybe.

The Democrat propaganda TV shows were also struggling with this debacle. The poor dears. I can’t imagine what it feels like for your hero to let you down like this. Oh wait, no – actually, I can imagine that.

I drink your tears of failure, Jews.

Chuck Todd (Jew):

Andrea Mitchell (Jew):

Terry Moran:

Ari Melber (Jew):

Jake Tapper (Jew):

Many other disgusting and evil Jews whined about their total defeat on Twitter.


You really would have thought that at least one of these people would have been aware that the entire appointment of Mueller was a hoax, and that he was simply serving as a frontman for Jew lawyers and Jew FBI agents.

But apparently, no one got that memo, or they thought it would all just work out.

Trump is having a blast on Twitter.

I can’t blame him for celebrating his big win.

But for me, it’s hard to celebrate.

I voted for Donald Trump, and none of the things I wanted to happen happened, ostensibly because of this year’s long idiotic Russian spy hoax that never even made any sense.

It should feel good that the last nail is finally driven through that coffin.

But instead, I just feel empty.

I feel that they could have pushed back against this hoax three years ago, and come to this same result.

It was always a hoax, everyone looking at it who had any basic common sense at all knew it was completely retarded and composed of literal gibberish.

It just does not seem responsible at all that it had to go on for this long, in order to fail so spectacularly.

The real question now is: what kind of joke country are we running, where this hoax can drag on for years, making absolutely no sense, only for us to eventually discover that it was being run by a shifty, senile old dodderer who didn’t even understand the most basic aspects of the nonsense allegations?

Mueller literally did not know what Fusion GPS is.

Just let that sink in.

And then realize that there was absolutely no mechanism in our system to prevent a senile and infirm geriatric from running an insane investigation into nonsensical pissing allegations for three years with impunity.

This is not a serious country. In fact, it is a cartoon country.