Obese Autistic Child, Mohammad, Sums Up My Entire Life by Caressing, Weeping Joyously Into Chicken McNuggets

Should I feel bad about laughing at an obese nine-year-old autistic Asian boy named Mohammad weeping with joy while cradling Chicken McNuggets against his face?

I suppose it can’t be helped.

I don’t want to be mean to disabled children. It’s sad that he has autism, and I hope that he gets better. But, at least he isn’t in pain.

Though he does appear to be suffering – but only on a deeply spiritual level, of which he himself is unaware.

That is the dilemma of this story, which somehow also so masterfully combined every other dilemma of my entire life and world into one single bizarre and pitiful expression that I can scarcely believe that it happened in real life.

Daily Mail:

This is the heartwarming moment a nine-year-old autistic boy broke down in tears after his mother brought him his first McDonald’s since the start of lockdown.

Mum Wati filmed herself showing her son Adam Bin Mohammad Irwan, 9, the McDonald’s takeout on May 18.

The fast food giant reopened on May 10 in Singapore after weeks of closure.

‘I thought you wanted to scare me,’ he said, before giving his mum a hug, who is quick to reassure him.

‘I didn’t want to scare you! I wanted to surprised you. Look, what is it?’ she said

‘McDonald’s,’ he said.

Adam is then filmed eating some chicken nuggets. At one point he puts one of the nuggets up to his face as if to hug it.

He is heard thanking his mother through tears, delighted to see his favourite meal and overcome by the situation.

Mum Wati shared the video on Facebook, where it has been viewed over 73,000 times, much to the delight of users.

There’s so much to unpack here that I don’t even know where to begin, so let me just start by saying that I find it to be cuntish and disingenuous for tabloids to push this story like “aww so cute.” They publish it because it shows an absurd reaction to an unhealthy situation. They know people laugh at this.

It is funny. But for them to leave it at that is to willfully ignore the plight of a disabled child who is trapped in a weird situation in which his basic needs are not being met.

This video puts at least thirteen different social crises on display all at once.

In no particular order:

  • Lockdown depriving people of basic life experiences
  • The growing rate of autism and inability to cope
  • Childhood obesity and unregulated junk food
  • Retarded working mothers who feed trash to their own kids
  • Self-absorbed cunt mothers who farm their kids for likes
  • The unwillingness or inability of men to protect their sons against such unchecked female depravity
  • The right to privacy of children and the mentally disabled, who cannot meaningfully consent to being posted online
  • Fat retards and women who read tabloids and legitimately think that this is cute
  • Cynical tabloid journalists who farm the lowest mental forms of these fat retards and women for clicks
  • The socially destructive Westernization of Asian countries
  • Kids named Mohammad in non-Muslim countries
  • Being trained to gratuitously thank the people who poison and humiliate us and feel that they are doing us a favor
  • Always hurting the ones we love

Even with all of that, I am probably missing something.

But nonetheless, I am blown away.

Now that I have finally found this ultimate expression of the 2020 experience, I did not want it to look like this. But it does.

This is the most deeply troubling reflection that I have ever uncontrollably laughed about.

My preciousss…