Obama’s “Outdated Legacy” is Hurting Joe Biden with Younger Voters and Progressives

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2019

As I said in my last piece about Joe Biden, his strategy is to disregard younger voters and progressives and focus on the “50 and up white Democrat” demographic, which is ultimately why he will lose the election.

This insight here is still interesting though.

Julia Terruso writes for The Philadelphia Inquirer:

The first line on Joe Biden’s political resumé is a double-edged sword.

Biden invokes his service as former President Barack Obama’s No. 2 so much that his opponents needle him about it and “Saturday Night Live” has made it a running joke. It makes sense why the former vice president would bring up Obama early and often as he tries to secure the Democratic nomination to take on President Donald Trump in 2020. The name-drop resonates with many voters: Obama remains popular and he was, after all, the most recent Democrat to win the White House.

But for younger voters, the connection to the Obama legacy is less meaningful. And for the more progressive wing of an increasingly liberal party, Obama’s legacy is decidedly outdated. That makes the Obama flag a complicated one to wave, reflecting the tensions within the Democratic Party.

And Biden has learned that better than anyone.

“Everyone in the Democratic Party is united on this idea of defeating Trump, but no one knows what strategy is going to be most successful,” said Sarah Niebler, a political science professor at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa. “I think that’s why Biden’s appealing to the Obama legacy. It’s not even so much about policy but because he was on the ticket when it worked, when the Democrats cobbled together enough to win.”

Neil Oxman, a Philadelphia-based Democratic consultant, put it more bluntly. “Nothing about Biden resonates with younger voters,” said Oxman, who isn’t working for a 2020 candidate. “Part of it is they’re not quite connected with the Obama legacy. Part of it is that they see Biden as kind of a weird, out-of-touch old white guy, and I think really most of it is that they have all these other choices.”

As the party has shifted leftward, Biden has also had to answer for Obama-era policies that Democrats have come to view more skeptically, like the high number of deportations. At a Nov. 21 rally in Greenwood, S.C., Carlos Rojas, an immigration activist, challenged Biden on deportations during the Obama administration.

“We just want to hear what is Biden’s take on Obama’s record on deportations,” Rojas said in an interview later. “And, unfortunately, time and time again we have heard the vice president embrace Obama on deportations.”

Imagine that the guy who was the hero of these people just three years ago is now considered by a large percentage of these people as an enemy and a liability to a guy who is running on his legacy.

Time has sped up beyond comprehension. Never in all of human history have perceptions changed so rapidly as they have since the 2012 election. And it’s been even faster since the 2016 election.

This is like being frozen in carbonate and ending up in some deranged future nightmare world.

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