Obama’s Jihad Against Russia Drags America Into New Depths of Shame

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2014

You asked for this, America.
You asked for this, America.

I had dinner with my mother last night.  She works quite a bit, and isn’t really the sort to pay particularly close attention to current events.  But she had heard about the situation in the Ukraine, and asked me about it.  I was of course happy to tell her the whole story.  I love being asked for information that I have in my possession.

After twenty minutes or so of ranting, giving the situation on the ground and what led to it, filling in quite a bit of background info, she said “okay, so you support Russia then.  Well, what is Obama’s position?”

I said “Obama’s working for the Jews – his position is the Jew position!”

“Okay,” she said, “but that’s not what he’s telling the people, as to why he wants to fight Russia.”

I stared at her blankly.  I realized I had no idea what Obama is actually saying to the people, or what the people are thinking of what he is saying.  I mean, I knew the words that came out of his mouth, but I had no conception of what he thought he was communicating or what a person who doesn’t understand the Jewish hand behind all of this would be left thinking.

When things were getting really hot last week, just before the fake-out deal was signed by Yanukovych and the militants, Obama had addressed the deaths of the revolutionaries, calling them “peaceful protestors.”  As people were watching them burn down Kiev and seize government buildings, he rambled in a confused, seemingly drug-addled manner, saying “there will be consequences if people step over the line,” a threat to punish the democratically elected government of the Ukraine for attempting to keep the peace during a violent government overthrow.

Here’s that video.

So that was just, uh, pure, uh, gibberish, uh.

Absolute, unbelievable nonsense.  Of course, we in-the-know expect that, and don’t think too much about it.

But really – what does a person who is not in-the-know take away from something like that?

I honestly have no idea.

"Look, I've got a Nobel Peace Prize.  I think I know a peaceful protest when I see one." -Barack Obama on the Ukrainian revolution
“Look, I’ve got a Nobel Peace Prize. I think I know a peaceful protest when I see one.” -Barack Obama on the Ukrainian revolution

We are supposed to believe that it is okay for a few thousand radical terrorists to overthrow a democratically elected government using firebombs, lead piping, baseball bats, handguns and homemade catapults, because they didn’t like a treaty decision the President made?  And that if they don’t succeed, the US government has a moral duty to support their endeavor?  That is really the explanation being given to the public as to why Obama feels it is his duty to meddle in the affairs of a former Soviet state with virtually no ties to the US?

It truly feels like they are not trying, like they do not even care how they appear.

“Just present to me the argument that Obama is presenting.  Part of polemics is that you are supposed to be able to articulately state the position of the opposition,” she said.

“Well,” I stumbled, “I guess he thinks it’s democracy.  That they have a right to overthrow the government because they don’t like it.”

“But, you said it was only a few thousand protestors.  How many people are in the Ukraine?”

“Forty-five million.”

“Yeah, that’s a lot of people.  So what do all of those people think?”

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask them.  Some want to join the EU and some want to stay with Russia.  But the fact that Yanukovych was democratically elected means that a majority of people who voted at the time supported him over the opposition, the pro-Western Jewess Tymoshenko.  Even she admitted that he had won fairly.”

“Yeah, so, what I’m wondering is, if Obama says it is okay to overthrow the government there, why would it not be okay to do that here?  When is democracy who you voted for, and when is it burning down the city?”

“You’d have to ask the Jews.”

“Hm.” She said, “So what’s happening now?  I heard Russia was sending the military in, and Obama’s mad about that.”

“Yes, he has deployed troops into Crimea, which is a Russian majority area on the Black Sea.  The people there asked him to come in, as they are afraid of the new Revolutionary government.”

“So, the people there are asking for Russia to come in, and Obama’s telling Russia they can’t go in?”


This part is even more twisted.  After Putin ordered military drills when Kiev fell, Obama gave the now infamous, threatening speech, where he told the Russian people that “there will be consequences” if they try to defend their brothers and sisters against the violent revolutionary Kiev government installed through terrorism.

What is being implied here?  What is he even talking about?  What are you supposed to take away from that?  Again, just that the terrorists are the good guys, and the fire-bomb revolution was “democracy”?

“Could this lead to a World War?” My mother asked me.

“Well.  Yeah.  It could.  Technically.  It probably won’t.  But this is already the worst tension there’s been between Russia and the US since the end of the cold war by a long-shot, and it is very clear now that Putin is not going to back down, so if they kick Russia off the security council, and NATO goes into the Ukraine to try and remove Russia… it is going to be a very ugly situation.”

“Okay.  So the question is: what does this have to do with Obama?  Why does he think this is any of his business?  And why, after they gave him that Peace Prize, does he try to start so many wars?”

I threw my hands up and shook my head.  “It’s for democracy.”

“But you think it’s the Jews.”

“It’s obviously the Jews, mother.  Virtually everyone involved in the protest was a Jew, the Jew IDF was in there running the terror cells, and the alleged ‘Nazis’ – who a bunch of people on my website kept defending – just met with the Jewish ambassador and told them he existed only to serve them.  The Jews fear Russia, as it is rising and presents a counterbalance to their consolidated power-base in the US and the EU; loosing the Ukraine is a big blow to what Russia is trying to do to combat Westernism.  This is a spiritual battle.  Not only will the Ukrainians be driven into never-ending debt by a new Jew EU government, they will be forced to pass homosexual rights acts, give away free abortions, absorb massive amounts of savage immigrants, reject God and embrace atheism and on and on and on.”

“Well.” She paused.  “What you’re saying definitely makes more sense that what Obama’s saying, I can tell you that much.”

What Now?

This is a much bigger deal than Syria.  It is hard to imagine the stakes being any higher than they are right now.  And yet, for whatever reason, the Jews are rushing like rabbits on crystal meth toward a war with Russia, without even attempting to provide justification for it to the people.  Of course, the media is doing its job – you turn on cable news and see aught but superficial fluff about what is undoubtedly the biggest geopolitical event since 911.  But they can’t downplay it forever.

What are the people thinking about all of this?  The propaganda has been horrible.  Just that one attempt at an emotionalized viral YouTube video.  There isn’t even a fake atrocity – they tried to spin the 80 deaths into one, but anyone can look at these pictures of the revolutionaries and see that they deserved a whole lot more bullets than they got, so while the Ukrainians are whining about it the international media is letting it float.

All that they have – and what they are surely relying on – is the buildup of Anti-Putin sentiment.  They’ve been pushing this for years now, in anticipation of the coming showdown.

On the left, you have what we all see and hear about every single day – Putin is a patriarch, an anti-queer, a suppressor of “human rights.”  Pussy Riot and Femen have marketed the idea that the Russian people oppose him.

On the right, they call him a “KGB thug,” and play up that he is somehow a continuation of communism, with the pundits chanting “he’s trying to restore the borders of the Soviet Union.”

The symbolic victory of either side is perhaps more important than the economic ramifications, as this ultimately amounts to a battle for hearts and minds.  Just as the West is trying to corrupt the minds of the people in Russia with Pussy Riot and other such projects, Putin has been appealing to the conservative elements in our society – in a much less invasive and violating manner – by preaching and demonstrating traditional values.

Neither side is willing to lose, but there might be a way that both sides could claim victory.  Though this is difficult, as Putin is not going to budge on Crimea, and if the people ask it of him, he is going to take a large portion of Eastern Ukraine as well.  From where I am sitting, it does not appear if he has any interest in rolling into Kiev though, so perhaps, if the Jews are allowed to keep the Western half of the country, they will be willing to call it a day.

It comes down to how far the Jews want to push this, and part of that is going to be based on how the masses respond to it.  With Syria, someone somewhere pulling Obama’s strings recognized that if they pushed all the way into war, this entire facade would come crashing down, and the people would see the beast for what it is.  At least, there was enough of a risk of that happening that they backed off, what with all of the mainstream publications openly stating that the driving force behind the push for war was the Israel Lobby.  Here, it is much harder to see the fact that the Jews are wholly responsible for the situation, so they probably think they can put it all on Obama and his “international community” of Muppets, and later when it is obvious that it is an endless massacre, they can just claim he was deranged and insane – a loose cannon who started an intense and bloody international conflict because of personal problems.  Just like they blame all the last decade’s horrors on Bush and Cheney, who were only butt0n-pushers of the neoconservative Jews.

One thing is for certain: whatever happens in the Ukraine, the world is going to forever be fundamentally different than it was a month ago.  Lines are being drawn, and people are crossing them.  There is no going back from this.

Moldova must fall to the EU, sooner or later.  With many areas a majority Russian, this presents yet another opportunity for the Jews.
Moldova must fall to the EU, sooner or later. With many areas a majority Russian, this presents yet another opportunity for the Jews.

Meanwhile, we are counting down for Moldova to explode.  It is a much smaller country, of course – less than ten percent of the size of the Ukraine – but it’s a powder-keg.  The ethnic conflict between the Romanian and Russian population is just as intense, and will be just as easy to set off.  And, as it is Putin’s duty to defend the Russian people, he will be just as obliged to intervene.  Though Russia does not share a border with Moldova, making the whole thing much more complicated.  What I am guessing – assuming, really – is that there are already trained revolutionaries in place in Chisinau, ready to light the place up when things get hot in the Ukraine.  Transnistria is an autonomous Russian-majority region in Moldova, equivalent to Crimea in the Ukraine.

The Show Must Go On

The Olympics represented the opening of a phase of the Eternal Drama, the Greatest Show on Earth, wherein the forces of light will confront the forces of darkness, and the fate of the world will be decided.

Everything has come to a head.  The Western family is dead, the homosexuals are forcing themselves on our children, the economy has collapsed and the savage hordes are inside the gates and they are ripping us apart.  We have been divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother.

This is the last stand of European civilization.  We face complete redemption or total annihilation.

The Ukraine is now Ground Zero, where darkness and light have met.

My prayers are with Tsar Vladimir Putin.  I believe he has come to realize that he as an individual is currently the best hope for human civilization.  He will either rise, and become who God intends that he becomes, or he won’t, and someone else will.

Godspeed, Mr. Putin.  May the Archangel guide your hand.
Godspeed, Mr. Putin. May the Archangel guide your hand.